Quick Comparison of Four Public Expected Goal Models

Last week I wrote about SportLogiq and its Expected Goals model and how it compared to public expected goal models. I just wanted to expand on that a little by comparing four public expected goal models and how they performed over the past 5 seasons. The most rudimentary method to evaluate an expected goals model … Read more

Down the xG Rabbit Hole

This post on Twitter the other day really sent me down a rabbit hole for a good portion of the past two days. I think evaluating and comparing models is both interesting and valuable. Where do models differ? Where are they the same? Do the differences expose potential biases in one or both models? However … Read more

Player Size and Playoff Success – Part II

Last week I looked at the relationship between player size and playoff success at the individual level (i.e. do taller/heavier players go deeper into the playoffs). What I found what that bigger defensemen generally go deeper into the playoffs than smaller defensemen but there is no relationship for forwards – both big an small forwards … Read more

Player Size and Playoff Success

We all believe that NHL players are getting smaller and more skilled but is it true and are the smaller more skilled players leading teams to playoff success? This all started by my (and others) observations that recent Stanley Cup champions have had big defensemen. Just look at last years Vegas Golden Knights. Hague 6’6″ … Read more


Welcome to my new blog! To be honest, I don’t know how active I will be writing here however, recently I have been working on some stuff that I think deserves a longer form post than Twitter or Bluesky can offer so I will do that here. If you have any questions or comments or … Read more