Why NHL expansion makes sense

There is an article in the Globe and Mail today discussing the possibility of the NHL expanding to 32 teams, and more specifically Seattle being one expansion possibility.  To many expansion seems counter intuitive considering there are a lot of teams that are already in financial distress that can hardly keep their heads above water as it is.  Some people are actually suggesting contraction is the much better option and…

September 21, 2012

Everything you need to know about the Coyotes (non)Sale

Yesterday David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail wrote a story that the potential sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to Matthew Hulsizer has stalled in part because the reportedly Hulsizer wanted a discount to the $165M the NHL is asking for to cover all their costs in purchasing and operating the team out of bankruptcy court.  Later last night Darren Dreger of tsn reported that although nothing had been signed…

October 15, 2010

Cynamon/Sokolowski and Coyotes?

Back in the summer the NHL presented the names of Toronto Argonaut co-owners Howard Sokolowski and David Cynamon as an interested group in purchasing the Phoenix Coyotes. Later it was rumoured that these two potentially joined up with the Ice Edge Holdings Inc. group which would purchase the Coyotes. Today we hear that the two Argonaut owners have decided to go on their own again and have broken away from…

October 29, 2009

Status of Coyotes

Yesterday the NHL, Moyes, and the other creditors were in court before bankruptcy judge Redfield T. Baum and they have apparently come to an arrangement that will see the NHL purchase the Coyotes.  The intention of the NHL is to secure the Coyotes and then quickly flip them to another potential owner interested in keeping the team in Phoenix.  The most talked about potential buyer is a group called Ice…

October 27, 2009

NHL Attendance Issues…

So the word out of Phoenix last night was that the announced attendance for the Coyotes game was 6,899 but that probably more like 5000 people actually showed up. Clearly attendance in Phoenix is going to be a major issue this year, but it won’t just be Phoenix if early attendance numbers are any indication. Here are attendance numbers for three other southern U.S. teams that have played at least…

October 16, 2009

Judge Baum sides with Balsillie

Judge Redfield T. Baum has decided to allow all bidders into the September 10th auction, including Jim Balsillie against the pleading of the NHL. It was the most significant decision that Judge Baum has made so far in the bankruptcy case and in my opinion has clearly put Jim Balsillie’s offer for the Coyotes at the front of the line. On June 15th, Judge Baum ruled against the Balsillie offer…

August 5, 2009

Coyotes staying in Phoenix not looking good.

Monday is going to be an interesting day in the Phoenix bankruptcy court room, and it could be a bad day for the Coyotes future in Phoenix. Up for discussion is a motion filed by the NHL and the City of Glendale to postpone the auction for the sale of the Coyotes to parties interested in keeping the franchise in Phoenix until mid-September and thus cancel or delay until after…

August 2, 2009

Is the NHL/Glendale stalling?

Yesterday, both the NHL and the City of Glendale have filed motions to the court to delay the ‘Glendale only’ auction from August 5th to sometime in November. From the NHL: Based on the foregoing, the NHL moves the Court to extend the hearing date for the sale of substantially all of the assets of the Phoenix Coyotes to September 10, 2009.It is clear to the NHL that the Reinsdorf…

July 31, 2009

Phoenix Coyotes Dispute Continues

There have been a lot of developments over the past couple days in the Phoenix Coyote situation and the next week will be an interesting one for sure. Yesterday the NHL Board of Governors voted to approve Jerry Reinsdorf as a potential owner of the Phoenix Coyotes while voting against Jim Balsille and postponing any decision on the Ice Edge group do to an incomplete application. None of this is…

July 30, 2009

Phoenix not only team looking to relocate?

Jim Balsillie spokesman Bill Walker and Lawyer Richard Rodier held a press conference this morning and made some very interesting points. 1. Jim Balsillie hasn’t given up his quest to move the Coyotes to Hamilton and it is likely that they will submit another bid to purchase the team with a different timeline. No details were given and a lot will depend on consultation with Jerry Moyes and his lawyers….

June 16, 2009