Dec 082008

There is a good chance that Mats Sundin will make an announcement on his future within the next week or so so lets check out some earlier chatter from the internets most notorious (and hugely inaccurate) rumour monger Eklund.

May 25: I am told very clearly that Mats looks like he wants to play again. And he should. He looked very good last year and the heart he showed down the stretch was phenomenal. The stuff of movies. Although several sources are saying Mats wants to stay in Canada, he may opt for the Border cities of Buffalo and Detroit. If not toronto I am told that Mats first choices are local. Montreal, Ottawa, and Buffalo….if Mats is to move, Vancouver, Calgary, Detroit are possibilities.

June 4: “Mats Sundin WILL return to the NHL and not to the Maple Leafs, However he wants to stay in Canada and in the East. The Canadiens are preparing a major offer, although Dan Alfredsson is making a big pitch as well. Look for Sundin to see who is taking over in Ottawa as coach before making his decision. I do expect one more minor pitch from Toronto, but nothing to come of it.”

June 20: Sundin… Source tells me that the negotiations between Sundin and Montreal are going very well. Could be announced tonight or in the morning. Don’t expect a big return. Sundin only has a very few teams he is willing to go to. Montreal is the number 1 and number 2 choice. I will stay on this throughout the night..Of course..

June 28: Talking to a Swedish friend of Mats he is starting to get excited about the possibility of playing in Montreal. His talks with Gainey have left him ‘Blown away’ by the man’s professionalism and integrity. And Mats has even said he thinks Montreal would be a wonderful city to play in. Mats friend really believes that it is Montreal or retirement. And that the second Mats decides to make a go of it a 2-year deal will get done.

June 28 #2: A fellow Swedish Hockey Star/Legend just told me that he firmly believes that Mats will indeed announce his decision about Montreal and he believes that he will indeed be signing with the Canadiens. I also just talked to another source tonight who feels that Mats will be giving an answer tomorrow to Montreal… “Mats is still deciding if he wants to play another year or two” I was told.

July 2: I have heard from three sources that Mats may wait and visit Vancouver this week. If he does that he may narrow his choices since the Rangers and Canadiens may no risk getting shutout of signing other players and the money may not be there for Mats. UPDATE**A SOURCE JUST INFORMED ME THAT MATS WILL RETURN BUT NO DECISION AS TO WHERE…Of course, this is just source and as we have learned with Mats no one really knows what Mats is thinking except Mats…and things can change.

July 8: There are some reports tha Mats is in Vancouver. I believe this to be the case based on my best guess, but I have yet to confirm this. However, a source in Sweden who has been pretty good so far when it comes to Sundin and Foppa news tells me that Mats will NOT wait long to decide and that he does feel a sense of duty to the Canadiens, Canucks, and Leafs. Another source told me that he had heard that Mats is leaning heavily towards a decision this weekend and that from all he has heard Mats may ask for a one year deal in Montreal.

July 14: Meanwhile, the Sundin situation is getting more and more complex with sources telling me that Montreal stills has the inner track but ANOTHER team that we have yet to talk about may indeed be getting into the game today or tomorrow.

July 15: “Many people now feel that Sundin is waiting on the NY Rangers. That is the holdup” one source told me. Obviously the Rangers would have to move mountains to bring in Mats cap-wise…Just remember: The only team that Mats approached himself to play for was the NY Rangers.

July 21: “It’s not true at all that I’m definitely going to Vancouver. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to continue to play hockey,” Sundin says to Sportbladet.

July 28: On Sundin…Another source at this hour has informed me that he is hearing Montreal is NOT just competing against Vancouver, but also “a team that is NOT in the news currently regarding Mats.”

August 6: Meanwhile sources on Montreal are still telling me that the team is acting very much like Mats will be a Canadien…the source told me that a promotional video to celebrate the centennial year is “on hold until further notice.”

August 7: The source, who has MANY years experience in the NHL, told me this…”I just heard that Toronto wants Sundin back and Sundin wants back in Toronto. Toronto will sign him today as long as Mats is willing to NOT include a NO TRADE CLAUSE in the contract.. That is the hold up currently and ONLY that.”

August 11: An agent dealing with some of the teams involved but not linked directly tells me that he believes the teams involved have been told something as to a timeline adding “All is not as quiet as it appears, and a major announcement WILL take place in the next 7-10 days that will define Sundin’s future.” He also added, “However I dont think the teams have the slightest idea what team he will pick.”

August 11: “Sundin is playing this year in the NHL, however we have yet to see the scope of the bidding at this point. Since Sundin’s statement in early July, many more teams are in the game. He is a high powered addition and certain teams do believe he is the missing piece.”
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