5v5close Primary Points per 60 minutes Leaders

My intention is to add primary point totals to stats.hockeyanalysis.com sometime this summer but I have calculated them over the past 4 seasons during 5v5close play and thought I’d present a more complete leader board here (I mentioned the top 5 on twitter already). Rank Player Name PPts/60 1 CROSBY, SIDNEY 2.87 2 STAMKOS, STEVEN 2.17 3 MALKIN, EVGENI 2.11 4 TOEWS, JONATHAN 2.04 5 KADRI, NAZEM 1.98 6 SKINNER,…

June 19, 2014

An even strength offensive comparison of Kadri, Bozak, Connolly and Grabovski

Earlier today I wrote a post about Tim Connolly and his offensive production at even strength. Shortly after posting that I thought a similar article comparing the¬†performances¬†of Bozak, Kadri and Conolly would be an interesting piece since they are sort of competing for roster spots (more so Kadri and Connolly than Bozak though). Of course, in the mean time Connolly has been put on waivers so to some extent he…

January 17, 2013