Rush Shot Stats for Individual Players – Forwards

If you haven’t read my previous posts on rush shots or want to learn more about how I determine what is and what is not a rush shot please go back and read the series. Introducing Rush Shots Rush Shots Leading vs Trailing and Home vs Road Rush Shot Save Percentage Columbus Blue Jackets and Rush Shots So far I have only looked at team data but I have now…

July 18, 2014

2012 NHL free agent forwards

With the Los Angeles Kings on the verge of winning the Stanley Cup and teams already making moves towards next seasons (i.e. Vokoun to Pittsburgh) it is time to take a closer look at class of unrestricted free agents.  Today I’ll take a look at the free agent forwards. As I have mentioned previously, I feel the best and most reliable player ratings are my 5v5 zone start adjusted HARO+…

June 5, 2012

State of the Leafs – Forwards

With the Maple Leafs season having ended early once again a it is time to take an honest and unbiased look at what the team has and what the team needs to get to improve.  This will be a multi-post endeavour that will start with this post which will be a statistical evaluation of the Leafs forwards.  Included in each players evaluation is a table of their 5v5 zone start adjusted…

April 12, 2012

Player Evaluation Model Improvements

On Monday I outlined an all-encompassing player evaluation model that allows us to evaluate every forward, defenseman and goalie under the same methodology.  In short, the system compares how many goals are scored for and against while a player is on the ice and compares it to how many goals scored for/against one should expect based on the quality of his line mates and opposition.  That model, I believe, makes…

September 16, 2010