The declining value of fenwick/corsi with increased sample size

The last several days I have been playing around a fair bit with team data and analyzing various metrics for their usefulness in predicting future outcomes and I have come across some interesting observations. Specifically, with more years of data, fenwick becomes significantly less important/valuable while goals and the percentages become more important/valuable. Let me explain. Let’s first look at the year over year correlations in the various stats themselves. Y1 vs Y2 Y12 vs Y34 Y123 vs Y45 FF% 0.3334 0.2447 0.1937 FF60 0.2414 0.1635 0.0976 FA60 0.3714 0.2743 0.3224 GF% 0.1891 0.2494 0.3514 GF60 0.0409 0.1468 0.1854 GA60

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