Steve Simmons Rant…

I don’t read every sports writer in every newspaper in every city in North America. In fact, I don’t even come close. But even so, I have to be confident in saying that the absolute worst sports/hockey writer has to be Steve Simmons. The reason why he is such a bad hockey writer is he for some reason has a personal vendetta against everything Maple Leaf. Even if he is writing about something non-Leaf he still has to get a Leaf jab in. For example, yesterday he wrote an article about Garry Monahan who was the first player every drafted

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Slumping Snipers

Dany Heatley: 1 goal in last 9 games, 3 shots in last 3 games Teemu Selanne: 2 goals in last 10 games Combined those two guys potted 98 goals in the regular season but both have been in horrendous playoff scoring slumps. If one of them can break out, it could be the difference in the series. It’s something to watch for in the remainder of the Stanley Cup finals.

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Too good to play?

I don’t very often write about non-NHL stuff but when I heard about this it just disgusted me and this story deserves to get told so that those involved get thoroughly embarassed and shamed for what they have done. The story is about Jared Murray, an eight year old hockey player in Shawville, Quebec who happens to be the son of Tim Murray, who is a scout for the New York Rangers and nephew of Ottawa Senators coach Bryan Murray. Jared Murray, who is 4’9″ and 110 pounds, has been ruled inelligable to play in the Outaouais regional playoffs because

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been asked (and accepted) to be a part of trade deadline coverage. I will be offering some analysis of the trades as they are are announced. Tyler from will is also participating . I’ve already made my first post on the Anson Carter trade so be sure to check it out.

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Updated player rankings and statistics

I have updated the player rankings and adjusted hits statistics which you can take a look at by clicking the appropriate link in the left side menu. I have also added adjusted takeaways and giveaways which like hits seem to have significant discrepancy between how game monitors in different cities have different threshholds in determining when gets a giveaway or takeaway gets awarded. You will find that usually the most skilled players are the ones at the top of the giveaway list. At first glance, that might be a surprise but when you think that these players also probably have

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Game Predictions – 12/29/2006

Home Team FairHTOdds Road Team FairRTOdds Predicted Winner Confidence Carolina 138 Anaheim -161 Anaheim Strong Ottawa -130 NY Rangers 123 Ottawa Some New Jersey -119 Washington 116 New Jersey Some Pittsburgh -100 Toronto 100 Toronto Some Florida 112 Montreal -114 Montreal Good Minnesota -244 Columbus 159 Minnesota Strong Chicago 103 Boston -104 Boston Some Dallas -122 Nashville 118 Dallas Some Colorado -205 St. Louis 151 Colorado Good Calgary -241 Los Angeles 158 Calgary Strong

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Game Predictions – 12/27/2006

Home Team FairHTOdds Road Team FairRTOdds Predicted Winner Confidence Washington 130 Montreal -143 Montreal Good Ottawa -169 NY Islanders 140 Ottawa Strong Pittsburgh -100 Atlanta 100 Atlanta Some Florida -144 Philadelphia 130 Florida Some Detroit -220 Minnesota 154 Detroit Strong Colorado -146 Dallas 131 Colorado Good Vancouver -111 Calgary 110 Calgary Some

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Game Predictions – 12/23/2006

It’s that last night of games before the 2 day Christmas break so I will take this time to thank everyone for dropping by my site to ceck out my predictions and other stuff and I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the holidays. Oh, and here are tonights predictions. Home Team FairHTOdds Road Team FairRTOdds Predicted Winner Confidence Philadelphia 132 Ottawa -149 Ottawa Good Boston -105 Montreal 105 Montreal Some Toronto -122 Washington 118 Toronto Some NY Islanders -171 Columbus 141 NY Islanders Good Atlanta -177 New Jersey 143 Atlanta Strong Tampa Bay -127 NY Rangers 121 Tampa

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Game Predictions 12/21/2006

There are 10 games on the schedule and while none are prime, must see games, many are fairly intriguing. Atlanta-Pittsburgh will feature a lot of top end talent in Hossa, Kovalchuk, Crosby, Malkin and others. Ottawa-Tampa will also feature a lot of skill but two teams who just can’t quite put it all together. Buffalo-Nashville could prove to be a very interesting inter-conference matchup between hiqh quality teams. And finally, San Jose-Dallas meet in what is probably a race for second in the Pacific division behind Anaheim. Home Team FairHTOdds Road Team FairRTOdds Predicted Winner Confidence Boston -113 Vancouver 112

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Power Rankings – 12/19/2006

There is a lot of parity in the NHL this season, especially in the east where 8 teams have between 32 and 38 points and 13 teams between 28 and 43 points. It has become almost as close in the west. Because of this a short win streak or losing streak can still cause you to jump or drop several spots in the power rankings. This weeks biggerst movers up the rankings are Vancouver (15 to 9) and Toronto (20 to 13). Going the other way are Carolina (8 to 12), Atlanta (10 to 15), Minnesota (13 to 19) and

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