Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions

Here are my eastern conference predictions. I really hate taking all the favourites but aside from an outside chance of Montreal upsetting Carolina I just can’t see any of the other underdogs winning barring unexpected key injuries. Just a note: The predictions are my predictions, not my algorithms. I am retiring the algorithm for the season as I don’t think it makes sense to use in the playoffs. I also…

April 20, 2006

Lukowich, Simpson traded

Two minor trades have been announced so far. Montreal adds some toughness and defense depth by acquiring Todd Simpson from Chicago for a 6th round pick. The New Jersey Devils have acquried their second defensemen in 2 days by picking up Brad Lukowich from the Islanders for a 3rd round pick. I really like what the Devils are doing by adding Klee and Lukowich. I thought last year the Devils…

March 9, 2006

Klee to Devils

As a clear follow up to the Luke Richardson trade, the Leafs have traded Ken Klee to the New Jersey Devils for prospect Alexander Suglobov. This is one of those deals that should help both teams. The Devils this year and the Leafs in the future. Klee is a pretty good defenseman who can play 18-20 minutes and will do a good job stabalizing the Devils defense which is still…

March 8, 2006

Devils vs. Penguins

The season started with a bang in New Jersey last night. Sidney Crosby got his first taste of NHL action, the new look Pittsburgh offense made it’s debut, and New Jersey’s new defense was showcased as well. Here’s what I thought of the game: Pittsburgh: This team can put some pressure on the net! The first half of the first period was spent on the Pittsburgh powerplay, and the puck…

October 7, 2005

New Jersey Devils Season Outlook

(Also posted on The Devil’s Advocate) Offense Subtractions: So far, the only forwards to leave the swamp are Jan Hrdina and Jeff Friesen. Hrdina never seemed to fit in too well in New Jersey, and Friesen suffered from chronic underachieving. Friesen was a terrific playoff performer, however, and in that regard he will be sorely missed. Expect more forwards to leave in the next month to clear space in the…

October 5, 2005