Game Predictions – 1/11/2007

Here are tonights game predictions. Games to watch are Toronto-Buffalo, Ottawa-Rangers, Dallas-Anaheim, Calgary-Colorado, and Minnesota-Vancouver. All are either rivalry games or important games in the standings. Home Team FairHTOdds Road Team FairRTOdds Predicted Winner Confidence Boston -134 NY Islanders 125 Boston Some Buffalo -113 Toronto 112 Buffalo Some NY Rangers -102 Ottawa 101 Ottawa Some Philadelphia 142 Montreal -173 Montreal Good Carolina -210 Florida 152 Carolina Strong Tampa Bay -109…

January 11, 2007

Game Predictions – 1/10/2007

Summary of last nights Ottawa-Boston game that I attended: First Period: Boston is bad, but Ottawa is horrific. Boston scored 2 goals. Second Period: Boston joins Ottawa in the horrific category. No goals, shots are 6-3 Ottawa. Third Period: Boston still horrific, but Ottawa plays well, gets some bounces capitalizes on horrific defense by Boston (who were missing Chara and Stuart), and scores 5 goals including an empty netter. First…

January 10, 2007

Game Predictions – 1/9/2007

There are 11 games on the schedule tonight with some key matchups and a few yawners. I’ll be at the Sens-Bruins game tonight so I am hoping it will be a good one and it should as these two teams are battling it out in the standings. The Islanders-Rangers game is worth whatching too as the Islanders look to be falling apart while the Rangers are starting to look like…

January 9, 2007

Game Predictions – 1/8/2007

Just one game tonight but nothing to get to excited about. It is an important game for Edmonton as they have fallen a bit back in the playoff race. They can’t afford to give away winnable games like this one. Home Team FairHTOdds Road Team FairRTOdds Predicted Winner Confidence Los Angeles -106 Edmonton 106 Edmonton Some

January 8, 2007

Game Predictions – 1/7/2007

There are six games on the schedule today which is a lot of a Sunday. I guess with the NFL regular season schedule complete the NHL feels it can start playing more Sunday games. The algorithms predictions have all the home teams winning but I think there could be a few road teams winning today. New Jersey should have a good chacne at beating Montreal and Phoenix is playing very…

January 7, 2007

Game Predictions – 1/6/2007

Here are the game predictions for tonights games. Home Team FairHTOdds Road Team FairRTOdds Predicted Winner Confidence Boston -213 Philadelphia 153 Boston Strong Ottawa -113 New Jersey 111 Ottawa Some Montreal -155 NY Rangers 135 Montreal Good Toronto -134 Buffalo 125 Toronto Good Washington -163 Atlanta 138 Washington Good Carolina -135 NY Islanders 126 Carolina Some Nashville -133 St. Louis 125 Nashville Good Minnesota -199 Colorado 149 Minnesota Strong Calgary…

January 6, 2007

Game Predictions – 1/5/2007

Wow, there were some crazy games last night. First after being down 2-1 heading into the second period Toronto scores 9 unanswered goals to win 10-2. In San Jose the Red Wings got up to an early 3-0 lead only to see the Sharks score the next 9 goals to win the game 9-4. And in Edmonton Patrik Stefan of the Stars does his best to give away the game…

January 5, 2007

Game Predictions – 1/4/2007

It’s a typical Thursday night with a lot of games scheduled and some quality games but three games stand out in my mind. The first is Toronto-Boston because these two teams might end up fighting each other for the final playoff spot in the east. The other two quality games are between quality western conference teams with Edmonton playing Dallas and San Jose playing Detroit. Dallas, San Jose and Detroit…

January 4, 2007

Game Predictions – 1/3/2007

Just 3 games tonight but there is a premier matchup in the Senators vs Sabres. The Sabres have clearly been the better team this year overall, but the Senators have won 3 straight games against Buffalo after the Sabres won the first matchup of the season. Should be an interesting game but with the Senators injury woes I have to give the edge to Buffalo. Vancouver-Dallas could also be a…

January 3, 2007

Game Predictions 1/2/2007

Home Team FairHTOdds Road Team FairRTOdds Predicted Winner Confidence St. Louis 122 Chicago -128 Chicago Some Montreal -161 Tampa Bay 138 Montreal Good New Jersey -136 NY Rangers 126 New Jersey Some NY Islanders -159 Philadelphia 137 NY Islanders Good Pittsburgh -100 Carolina 100 Carolina Some Detroit 100 Anaheim -100 Anaheim Some Minnesota -170 Atlanta 141 Minnesota Strong Calgary -133 Vancouver 125 Calgary Some Edmonton -152 Florida 134 Edmonton Good

January 2, 2007