Steve Simmons Stupidity…

Today Steve Simmons has a column outlining the Leafs salary situation. What is interesting is the number mistakes listed in it. Mistakes that are completely avoidable and show completely how little homework Steve Simmons does. Man, that guy has a cushy job. He can be a complete moron while writing and talking about sports and get paid for it. He has John Pohl listed as **John Pohl 450,000 with **…

July 4, 2006

Draft Schmaft: From draft pick to NHLer

(Since it is draft day I thought I’d bump this article I wrote a couple weeks ago back up to the top of the stack.) With the Carolina Hurricanes on the verge of winning the Stanley Cup (I think they will do it in game 5), it is time to start looking towards the off season and all the interesting stuff that it brings. One of the first things to…

June 24, 2006

Looking for Director of Hockey Operations job

I was wondering if there were any NHL hockey teams looking for a director of hockey operations. If so, I feel I am the right man for the job. Considering the Minnesota Wild just hired a 24 year old baseball writer for that position I feel I am more than qualified. So if you happen to be in need of a director of hockey operations, I’m your man.

June 14, 2006

Am I reading this right?

Am I reading this right? Did Brad Richards really sign a 5 year contract that will pay him $7.8 million per year? Is the Tampa Bay management insane? It appears the answer to all of those questions is yes. How sad for Tampa Bay Lightning fans. Here is the problem. Richards will make $7.8 million a season. Martin St. Louis will make 5.25 million a season. And Vincent Lecavalier will…

May 22, 2006

Conference Finals review

We are down to just 4 teams left in the NHL playoffs and at the start of the season I don’t think anyone would have even predicted 2 of these teams to be in the conference finals let alone all four. So here is how I see the conference finals playing out: Edmonton vs Anaheim Regular Season Series: October 10: Edmonton 4 at Anaheim 2 January 25: Edmonton 6 at…

May 19, 2006

Thoughts on the Ottawa Senators

Ok, I am back from vacation and a lot has happened over the last 10 or so days that I was away. Since I was in Florida where hockey news is sparse and hockey coverage on TV was non-existant I was dependent on the internet to keep up to date on what was happening. Let me say that I am not surprised that Buffalo defeated the Senators. In fact, I…

May 15, 2006

Where are the additional goals coming from?

Jame Mirtle has an interesting post regarding the increase in offense from 2003-04 to this season and where the goals came from. James concludes: It’s also no wonder Gary Bettman wants to keep the number of penalties called per game high for the postseason — without the increased scoring generated on the power play, the notion of a radically transformed, higher-scoring (read: better) league goes up in smoke. Now, as…

April 25, 2006

Beyond the first round

The last couple days I posted my predictions on the first round matchups. So, before the games begin, let me post my predicitons for the rest of the playoffs. Conference Semi-finals Buffalo defeats Ottawa New Jersey defeats Carolina San Jose defeats Detroit Calgary defeats Dallas Conference Finals New Jersey defeats Buffalo Calgary defeats San Jose Stanley Cup New Jersey defeats Calgary Playoff MVP: Brian Gionta: 18 goals, 34 points After…

April 21, 2006

Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions

Here are my eastern conference predictions. I really hate taking all the favourites but aside from an outside chance of Montreal upsetting Carolina I just can’t see any of the other underdogs winning barring unexpected key injuries. Just a note: The predictions are my predictions, not my algorithms. I am retiring the algorithm for the season as I don’t think it makes sense to use in the playoffs. I also…

April 20, 2006

Western Conference First Round Playoff Preview

Today and tomorrow I am going to post my first round playoff previews/predictions. Here are the western conference preview and tomorrow I’ll post my eastern conference preview. Detroit vs Edmonton Season Series November 3: Edmonton 4 at Detroit 3 (OT) November 17: Detroit 5 at Edmonton 6 (OT) March 18: Detroit 4 at Edmonton 3 (SO) April 11: Edmonton 0 at Detroit 2 These two teams matched up fairly well…

April 19, 2006