Well, after a couple of days of work I have managed to re-design my stats website which to be honest, was pretty much non-existant and/or non-usable before this update. I have put the power rankings, player rankings, and adjusted hits/giveaways/takeaways, and player on ice/off ice and with/without teammate and against/not against opponent data on that website. In a few days I will migrate much of that off of this blog site and move it there where it will be easier to update which means far more frequent updates. For the regulars to this website, please head over there and take

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I just wanted to make a quick post to remind everyone of my other blog/website Over there you will find my computer/algorithm generated game predictions (once the season is a few weeks old) as well as compete with other readers to see who is the best predictor of the outcomes of NHL games. It’s all good fun so head over there any enjoy.

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I had been planning on doing this for a while but finally got around to it the past few days. I have set up a new subdomain at where I am going to post all sorts of statistics. The first statistics are for the 2006-07 season and contain team goals for and against data for players while that player was on the ice. If you then click on a players name you can find out who that player has played with and against and how much ice time they played together or against each other. Also contained in the

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been asked (and accepted) to be a part of trade deadline coverage. I will be offering some analysis of the trades as they are are announced. Tyler from will is also participating . I’ve already made my first post on the Anson Carter trade so be sure to check it out.

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Hockey Blog Search

You may have noticed the new search bar at the top-right of this page. That search bar is set up to do a google search on all hockey/NHL fan blogs and you might find it a useful tool to keep up to speed on what your fellow hockey fan is writing or has written about. Right now it searches 99 different blogs covering most teams and I have generally stuck to fan blogs and stayed away from the mainstream media blogs. You can also access the blog search from this page.

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Game Prediction Pool

It’s time for some game predicting fun. I had hoped to get this up and running by the start of the season last week but better a little late than never. I am please to announce that has a new feature. That is, an NHL game prediction pool. There are probably a few kinks that still have to be worked out in the software but it should work fine. If you have any problems feel free to e-mail me or post some comments here. For the next little while it’ll be in testing mode but once I am confident

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I have started up a hockey pool at so why don’t you all go over there and lets see how well you can predict the top 20 scorers in the NHL. Yes, it is a pretty simple pool. Select 20 players and whichever team gets the moist points wins. This is just the beginning. I hope to have more fun and games to announce this weekend or early next week. I’ll also have my predictions on the final NHL standings coming soon as well. Regular season hockey is only a week away. Time to get things going in

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Tonight it came to my attention that someone has been plagiarising content from this website (my posts and some of your comments) and posting them on the discussion forums at Plagiarising anything from this website (or any website, book, newspaper, or anything else for that matter) is not only illegal but is gutless, cowardly and only goes to show what a piece of scum you really are. If you are caught doing this you risk being tracked down and being prosecuted (I can hold a grudge and am not afraid to go after plagiarising scumbags) so don’t do it.

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Updates delayed…

I am going to be busy with other stuff the next few days so updates of the salary cap commitments will be a bit slow or non-existant. Things should be back to normal Monday when I hope to get everything back up to date. Thanks for your patience.

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Salary Cap Commitment Tables complete

Ok, I have finally ocmpleted the salary cap commitment tables for all 30 NHL teams. You can view these by clicking on the links in the menu to the left. I plan on keeping these as up to date as possible as the off season goes on and as trades and fre agent signings occur. I make no guarantees that the numbers are 100% accurate but they are accurate to the best of my knowledge. If you notice and mistakes please either comment to this post or send me an e-mail at If you have any other questions or

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