Game Predictions 10/21/2005

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Oct 212005

Last night was a very good night getting 6 of 7 games correct missing out only on the Atlanta game which was a prediction of only some confidence. That is 9 of 11 games the past 2 nights. Let’s hope the hot streak continues into the weekend starting with tonights games. I think we are aproaching enough games played to start getting fairly reliable predictions.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Columbus San Jose San Jose Good
Tampa Bay Ottawa Ottawa Strong
Detroit Anaheim Detroit Strong
Edmonton Colorado Pick N/A
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Game Predictions 10/20/2005

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Oct 202005

My predictions were 3 of 4 yesterday only missing out on the Rangers-Islanders game in which the Islanders won in a shoot-out. We’ve got 10 games tonight, and 7 predictions. I’m hoping for 5 correct.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston Buffalo Pick N/A
NY Islanders NY Rangers NY Islanders Some
Atlanta Tampa Bay Atlanta Some
Florida Washington Florida Good
Toronto Carolina Toronto Strong
Pittsburgh New Jersey New Jersey Strong
Nashville St. Louis Nashville Strong
Dallas Los Angeles Pick N/A
Calgary Edmonton Pick N/A
Vancouver Phoenix Vancouver Strong

In the Pick’em games identified by my predictions algorithm I’ll personsonally predict Buffalo, Dallas and Calgary.

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Oct 192005
Rank Team Win-Loss Power Rank
1 Ottawa 5- 0 15.9
2 Nashville 5- 0 13.5
3 Detroit 6- 1 13.1
4 Los Angeles 4- 2 12.4
5 Montreal 5- 2 12.2
6 Toronto 3- 3 12.1
7 Vancouver 5- 2 12.1
8 Dallas 4- 2 11.4
9 Buffalo 4- 2 11.1
10 NY Rangers 4- 3 11.0
11 Philadelphia 3- 2 10.6
12 Minnesota 3- 3 10.6
13 New Jersey 3- 3 10.1
14 Phoenix 3- 5 9.8
15 Florida 4- 4 9.7
16 Edmonton 3- 4 9.4
17 St. Louis 1- 4 9.4
18 Carolina 3- 2 9.4
19 NY Islanders 2- 3 9.3
20 San Jose 3- 3 9.3
21 Boston 3- 4 9.2
22 Colorado 2- 3 9.2
23 Tampa Bay 3- 4 8.9
24 Washington 3- 4 8.7
25 Atlanta 2- 4 8.6
26 Anaheim 2- 3 8.3
27 Calgary 2- 5 7.6
28 Chicago 2- 5 7.0
29 Columbus 1- 5 5.5
30 Pittsburgh 0- 6 5.1

HockeyAnalysis.com Power Rankings are based purely on a statistical analysis of a teams on-ice performance and adjusted for strength, or weakness, of schedule. In short, defeating a good team will help your ranking more than defeating a weak team. Similarly, losing to a weak team will hurt your team ranking more than losing to a good team.

The “Power Rank” column is the teams ‘score’ produced by the team ranking formula. A general rule of thumb is that teams scoring above 10 are above average and those below 10 are below average.

Click here to see past power rankings.

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Game Predictions 10/19/2005

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Oct 192005

Went 2 for 3 again last night missing out on Phoenix’s overtime win over the Edmonton Oilers. Here are the predictions for tonights games.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
NY Rangers NY Islanders NY Rangers Good
St. Louis Anaheim St. Louis Some
Minnesota San Jose Minnesota Good
Colorado Los Angeles Los Angeles Good
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Game Predictions 10/18/2005

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Oct 182005

Predictions were two for three last night only missing out on the Calgary Flames who were shut out by the Phoenix Coyote’s. What’s up with the Flames so far this year? They need to string together a couple of wins to get back on track. Ok, here are predictions for tonights game.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Montreal Boston Montreal Good
New Jersey Florida Pick N/A
Edmonton Phoenix Edmonton Good
Vancouver Chicago Vancouver Strong
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Are teams figuring out the new NHL

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Oct 182005

Looking at the scores from Saturday through tonight, one has to begin wondering if teams are starting to figure out the new NHL and the new rules. From Saturday through Monday there have been 18 games which produced 4 teams being shutout and another 8 being held to just 1 goal and another 7 being held to just 2 goals. Over those 18 games the goals per game average was 4.89, below the 5.06 goals per game in the same 18 games in 2003-04. It is too early to say this reduced scoring is going to stick but we shall find out over the next week.

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Game Predictions 10/17/2005

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Oct 172005

I missed posting yesterday’s game predictions but all were considered pick-ems except for LA over Columbus which was a strong bet and the Kings did in fact win.

Here are todays game predictions.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
NY Rangers Florida Pick N/A
Detroit San Jose Detroit Strong
Calgary Phoenix Calgary Some
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Oct 152005

Predictions for tonights games.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Montreal Toronto Montreal Strong
Ottawa Boston Ottawa Strong
NY Rangers Atlanta NY Rangers Some
Philadelphia NY Islanders NY Islanders Some
New Jersey Carolina New Jersey Some
Pittsburgh Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Strong
Florida Buffalo Buffalo Some
St. Louis Nashville Nashville Strong
Calgary Edmonton Edmonton Some
Phoenix Detroit Detroit Good
San Jose Chicago San Jose Good
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Weekly Top 10 – Best Goalies

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Oct 152005

Every week I am going to post a Top 10 list of some sort. This week it is the NHL’s top 10 goalies.

Martin Brodeur – It is hard to argue against this guy. He’s accomplished pretty much everything in his career and at age 33 he still has a lot of hockey ahead of him. He has led New Jersey to 3 Stanley Cups, and Team Canada to Olympic gold and finally got his Vezina trophy in the last NHL season. Brodeur is simply the best.

Roberto Luongo – Luongo is setting himself to be the next great NHL goalie. In 2003-04 he played 72 games on a Florida team with a weak defense and as a result faced more rubber than any other goalie. But he excelled posting a 2.43 goals against average and an outstanding .931 save percentage. This year is no different as he has already posted 2 shutouts.

Marty Turco – Although 2003-04 was a bit of an off year (first half anyway) for Turco it was still a very good year. His career goals against average of just 1.93 is simply amazing and his career save percentage of .921 is not too shabby either. So long as Dallas has Turco they have a chance to win any game.

Jose Theodore – Former Vezina and Hart Trophy winner, Theodore has established himself as one of the better goalies in the league despite playing on some mediocre teams. Although he has been very good since his 2001-02 MVP year, he has yet to repeat that elite level of success and that stops him from being higher on this list.

Andrew Raycroft – This is just his second full NHL season but as a rookie he established himself as a goalie who deserves to be on this list winning the Calder trophy and posting a very respectable 2.05 goals against average and an equally excellent .926 save percentage. Boston’s goaltending is in solid hands with Raycroft.

Jean-Sebastien Giguere – I thought Giguere might be one of those goalies who might suffer with the new, smaller equipment but so far he has adjusted well. When Giguere is on his game he can be as good as anyone as witnessed by Anaheim’s playoff run in 2002-03.

Tomas Vokoun – Doesn’t have the name recognition of the others in this list but that is mostly because he plays in Nashville. Vokoun is a workhorse having played in 69 and 73 games the past 2 seasons and although his goals against average and saver percentages weren’t outstanding, they were very good on a sub-par team and in the playoffs he nearly led the Predators to a series win over the Red Wings. This year could be the year he really establishes himself now that the Predators look to have a pretty good team.

Nikolai Khabibulin – Khabibulin has the talent and ability to be one of the top 3 goalies in the NHL but for some reason he just can’t be that guy consistently. His 2003-04 season is perfect evidence of that. During the regular season he struggled for stretches and at times all but lost his #1 role to backup John Grahame, but in the playoffs he was awesome and was a significant part of Tampa Bay’s Stanley Cup win. He has struggled so far in Chicago as well.

Miikka Kipprusoff – I am not convinced Kipprusoff deserves to be on this list considering he has only been a starter for half a season. But that half season was nothing short of outstanding which he followed up with an outstanding playoff run. But so far this year he has struggled, and needs to come back and prove that 2003-04 wasn’t an aberration. If he can do that then he deserves to be higher on this list.

Ed Belfour, Dominik Hasek – I struggled with where to put these two old guys on the list because we don’t yet know how much they have left in them so I’ll put them together at #10. There isn’t much to say about either goalies careers. They have both been great, both winning Stanley Cups and Vezinas.

Honorable Mention: Dwayne Roloson, Evgeni Nabokov, Olaf Kolzig

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Game Predictions 10/14/2004

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Oct 142005

Ok, got back on track last night going 4-2 which is right on the 65-70% success rate I am hoping to achieve. Here are tonights game predictions.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Philadelphia Pittsburgh Philadelphia Good
Atlanta Toronto Pick N/A
Minnesota Vancouver Vancouver Some
Colorado Chicago Colorado Strong
Edmonton Dallas Edmonton Good
Anaheim Columbus Anaheim Strong

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