The Hockey Graphs Cult

So yesterday I wrote an article about the state of player evaluation models in hockey analytics. It was a mostly well-received article. Web Sant, whose model I critiqued, had a ‘quibble’ and we had a pleasant follow up discussion even if we ended up with a respectful disagreement.   A quibble. I never said that my model purports to measure talent: “natural aptitude or skill.” It does measure performance. Different….

July 17, 2017

Commentary on Hockey Analytics and Player Evaluation Models

Every time I see a chart like this being tweeted out I cringe.   Top skaters by goals above replacement Lack of penalty draws held back Getzlaf, Bergeron, Koivu, Klefbom, Wheeler…even Crosby, a little. — Sean Tierney (@ChartingHockey) July 14, 2017 I cringe because it gets a lot of attention. I cringe because it gets a lot of likes and retweets and accolades. I cringe because people put these…

July 16, 2017