Followup on Rielly’s Save Percentage

June 20, 2017

The other day I wrote about Rielly and his on-ice save percentage. A brief twitter discussion with Tyler Dellow occurred which ended with Dellow asking me to explain how Rielly went from -0.9 Sv% Rel in 2015-16 to -2.8 Sv% Rel in 2016-17 while playing similar shut down roles in both seasons.   He was -.009 relative to team in 15-16 playing the same “shut down” workload as most of…


Rielly, Gardiner, the Rookies and Save Percentage

June 18, 2017

Yesterday Tyler Dellow wrote about Morgan Rielly’s poor on-ice save percentage over the past two seasons. While it is an interesting read, the hypothesis at the end of the article left me wondering why it wasn’t explored more. The article starts out wondering if shift start location may be a factor at play in Rielly’s poor on-ice save percentage. Dellow noted that generally defensive zone shift starts result in higher…