Summer Project: Stat site rebuild…

The core of my code to generate my stats used at and is nearly 10 years old. Since then the code has been modified, extended, and optimized but has now reached the point where I am thinking it has seen its best days and I need to do a complete re-write to get to implement some of the new features I would like.

My code was written to work at the season (or multi-season level) and my websites were designed to work with pre-calculated statistics as opposed to doing calculations on the fly. This has a few benefits but a key one is quick, responsive websites with relatively low server costs. My database is huge but that is OK, storage is cheap.

There are a few downsides though.

  1. Because everything is pre-calculated running my program to calculate statistics for the past 10 years combined takes a real long time and is becoming a real pain. If was fine for a few years but now it is just getting painful to update if I want to add new features.
  2. Because my code is designed to work on a season or multi-season basis it doesn’t work all that well to generate game by game stats. I could append more functionality to the program but as I stated above it is getting messy again. I really want to add game reports and game by game stats.
  3. It was built for the regular season which is why I haven’t really focused much on playoff statistics.

So, while my existing code base has served me superbly over the past 10 years it is time to move on. Also, with expansion my program will need some updates anyway. So, my summer project will be to conduct a complete re-write of my code which scares me to no end because it is going to be a ton of work.

So, as I start planning this next phase of my websites I have a few questions for my users.

  1. What are the things you like most about and Why do you use it and what features could you not live without.
  2. If I ditched and focused on would you be disappointed?
  3. What features do other stats sites have that you would love to see brought to
  4. Are there features that no one else has that you would love to see?
  5. What stats sites (any sport) do you think have a great user interface that I could maybe model a new improved site after.
  6. Any other suggestions, comments, feedback, or requests you may have would be greatly appreciated.

So, let me know your thoughts, either the comments or via e-mail at david (at)


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  1. 1. I love that the UI is simple and straightforward. I like that the it takes a form submit to update the data, and that each page has a unique URL. SuperWOWY is amazing. Being able to quickly rank tons of players in non-paginated data is great.

    2. I’d miss some of that UI, espec how simple and powerful the player stats are.

    3. Download to CSV is the only one that comes to mind.

    4. Longitudinal comparison among one or more players using specific stats. e.g. 5v5 TOI over time among 6 forwards. Dellow’s star % would be nice to see.

    5. Hockeystats has a great vibe.

    6. Super recommend
    – monospace font for numbers
    – same number of decimals for all stats (“45.0” instead of “45” if another row is “48.3”)

    <3 Good luck!

  2. 1. That it has the complete stats back to 2007- I think it’ the only site to have that.
    2. Not really, I think Puckalytics has pretty much all the same features now?
    3. A search function to go straight to a skater or goalie page.

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