Auston the Centerman: A Maple Leaf Christmas Song

Christmas is a few days away so how about a little holiday fun. This is an update to the twitter version I posted yesterday. Also see my Twelve days of Hockey Christmas tweets.

Auston the Centerman

(to Frosty the Snowman)

Auston the centerman, is the top prospect we know.
With a powerful stride and puck moving skill, and two hands made of gold.

Auston the centerman is a fairy tale they say.
He’ll be first to go but fans all know, how he became a Leaf that day.

There must have been some magic in that old draft lottery they had.
For when the envelope opened up, Leaf fans began to dance around.

Oh, Auston the centerman, was the saviour Leaf fans could see,
And the scouts all say, he could score and play,
as well as Wayne Gretzky.

Thumpety thump, thump, thumpety thump, thump,
Look at Auston go.

Thumpety thump, thump, thumpety thump, thump,
First in the draft he did go.

Auston the Centerman, gave Leaf fans hope that day,
when he said, “The Leafs are back, let’s have some fun, Auston is on his way”

Down to the rink with a hockey stick in his hand,
Skating up and down, the ice all around,
sayin’, “Catch me if you can.”

He’ll lead them to the playoff dream, right to the final stop;
And he’ll only pause a moment, when we’ll hear him holler, “Cup!“

For Auston the centerman, was the saviour on his way.
Put the team back on track saying “Don’t you cry, we’ll win the Cup some day.”