Auston the Centerman: A Maple Leaf Christmas Song

December 22, 2016

Christmas is a few days away so how about a little holiday fun. This is an update to the twitter version I posted yesterday. Also see my Twelve days of Hockey Christmas tweets. Auston the Centerman (to Frosty the Snowman) Auston the centerman, is the top prospect we know. With a powerful stride and puck moving skill, and two hands made of gold. Auston the centerman is a fairy tale…


Limitations of Predictive Analytics in Player Evaluation

Hockey analytics generally revolves around identifying what statistics are best at predicting future events, or “out of sample” events more generally. The main reason that Corsi has become such a popular statistic in hockey analytics is because it is more predictive of future events. We look at score and venue adjusted Corsi because we¬†have found that they are more predictive. Many people have developed “expected goals” models and are adoping…

December 18, 2016