Forward Usage and Stats by TOI Rank on Team

The other day I posted an article on evaluating defensemen by their ranking on their team. In this article I am going to do the same but for forwards and focus on the offensive side of the game. I grouped forwards in a similar way to how I grouped defensemen. Specifically, this is my methodology: I used 5v5close data to eliminate score effects I used data from the first two…

December 19, 2015

More on Evaluating Defense by Rank on Team

The other day I wrote a post on evaluating forwards and defensemen based on their rank on their team. The purpose of that post is to show the value in breaking down performance beyond just Corsi but into Corsi For/Against and shooting and save percentages. I wanted to expand on that by looking at past seasons to see if there are trends that emerge. In the previous post I ranked…

December 13, 2015

Forward vs Defense Player Evaluation

Today Travis Yost of put up an interesting post where he ranked forwards and defensemen based on their ice time with their team (1-12 for forwards and 1-6 for defensemen) and then looked at each group (1-12) average to see how the¬†forwards performed. To illustrate this, I took the average Corsi% for every forward who led his team in 5-on-5 ice-time, then repeated the same through the twelfth forward….

December 10, 2015