An Expanded look at 5-year performance by NHL Centers

The other day I wrote an article looking at who the best two-way centers over the past 5 seasons and it generated a lot of interest and some requests to look at some more players. I am not going to go into too much analysis here but I have pulled together data for a number of additional centers which I hope will answer some of your questions. The majority of…

July 11, 2015

Who are the best two-way centers in NHL over past 5 seasons?

Maybe the most important position in hockey is center, certainly more important than wing and probably more important than defense or goaltending. Even more important is having a real good two-way center capable of playing big minutes at both ends of the rink. Think about the recent Stanley Cup winners. In Chicago you have Jonathan Toews. In Los Angeles you have Anze Kopitar. In Boston you have Patrice Bergeron. Going…

July 9, 2015