Is Hockey Analytics altering outcomes yet?

Hockey analytics is well behind analytics in other sports, particularly baseball, but we are now several years into what I will call modern (or current) hockey analytics which has largely focused on possession statistics such as Corsi and Fenwick. Last summer we even saw a number of teams publicly adopt analytics by picking up some prominent people from the public domain. Toronto, Edmonton, Carolina, Florida, and New Jersey to name a…

April 26, 2015

Is 4v4 overtime hockey a crap shoot we can or should ignore?

Since the Los Angeles Kings have been eliminated from the playoffs there has been a lot of discussion about why a team with such a good possession game failed to make the playoffs. This included my article from yesterday which generated a fair amount of discussion as well. A lot of the discussion can be summarized by the following tweet by Sunil Agnihotri referencing a comment by Walter Foddis. Nice…

April 13, 2015

Kings, Flames, Avalanche and Possession Analytics

The other day I posted the following twitter comment after the Flames defeated the Kings to gain a playoff position while simultaneously eliminating the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings from the playoffs. In the hockey analytics ledger be sure to add #Flames in playoffs and #Kings out to the “what possession analytics didn’t predict” column. — David Johnson (@hockeyanalysis) April 10, 2015 I posted this comment for two…

April 12, 2015