Zone starts and impact on players statistics

The other day on twitter I was called out by Sam Ventura who does some great work on Specifically he did not like my article on zone starts that I wrote the other day. The second article is this, which I fundamentally disagree with on so many levels: — Sam Ventura (@stat_sam) March 18, 2015 First, let’s throw numbers and data out entirely and just focus on the…

March 21, 2015

Zone Starts, Corsi, and the Percentages

Matthew Coller has an interesting article on Puck Prospectus about Shea Weber and his poor Relative Corsi. His conclusion was that Weber’s poor Relative Corsi is largely due to his playing time with Paul Gaustad in which he posted a very poor CF% along with having a very heavy defensive zone start. His conclusion was that Weber’s poor Corsi with Gaustad is in a significant way caused by the heavy defensive zone start…

March 16, 2015