Stat Site Upgrades

Some of these have been announced on twitter but I have recently made some upgrades to and Here is a list of the upgrades.

New Situations:

  • Home and Road for 5v5 Tied, 5v5 Close, 5v5 Leading and 5v5 Trailing
  • 4v4
  • All Situations (all play)
  • All Power play (includes 5v4, 5v3, 4v3)
  • All Short handed (includes 4v5, 3v5, 3v4)

Multi-year stats with current season

  • 2013-15 (2yr), 2012-15 (3yr) and 2011-14 (4yr) stats have been added
  • Multi-year stats up to 2007-15 (8yr) will be added in the off season – too much data to update nightly.

 WOWY Zone Starts ( only)

  • WOWYs now include OZFO%, DZFO%, NZFO% and OZone% (tweaked UI a bit from initial release yesterday)
  • WOWYs also now /60 instead of /20 as were previously (now consistent with rest of site and
  • “Against You” stats now available for current season (currently only opponents with >15min TOI against but this will drop to 5 min. after update tonight)

Percent of Team Zone Starts ( only)

  • Now available is the percent of a teams (in games player played in only) offensive/defensive/neutral zone starts the player was on the ice for.

Various bug and data fixes

  • Fixed issue with Percent of Team stats for special team situations
  • Manually fixed a bunch of errors in shift tables over past 4 seasons (should improve reliability of data)
  • Probably some others I have forgotten about


That’s all for now. As usual, if you find any problems or have any more requests for enhancements let me know.