The Coaching-Corsi dilemma

The other day I wrote about Bozak-Corsi dilemma which basically goes as follows: The coaching change in Toronto from Carlyle to Horachek resulted in Tyler Bozak and the rest of the Leafs top line posting dramatically improved Corsi (5v5 tied CF%). Does this mean Bozak et al. suddenly got good or does it mean that Corsi is largely driven by playing style which one can change and thus the value…

February 24, 2015

The Bozak-Corsi Dilemma

(Note: This is a cross post with You can find the original article here. I don’t normally cross post but this is relevant to Hockey Analytics as a whole, not mostly to Maple Leaf fans.) A significant portion of modern hockey analytics revolves around Corsi (or SAT% as defined by the NHL), which is really nothing more than looking at which team takes more shot attempts. If you can out…

February 22, 2015

Thoughts on the new Enhanced Statistics site on

I wasn’t actually planning on writing anything formal about the new enhanced hockey stats on but this post over at Jewels From The Crown was kind of the last straw. Before getting into that article let me say a few things. Despite the fact that I run a popular hockey stats site I really wanted to see the NHL do a good job on their advanced hockey stats site. I…

February 21, 2015

Stat Site Upgrades

Some of these have been announced on twitter but I have recently made some upgrades to and Here is a list of the upgrades. New Situations: Home and Road for 5v5 Tied, 5v5 Close, 5v5 Leading and 5v5 Trailing 4v4 All Situations (all play) All Power play (includes 5v4, 5v3, 4v3) All Short handed (includes 4v5, 3v5, 3v4) Multi-year stats with current season 2013-15 (2yr), 2012-15 (3yr) and…

February 2, 2015