2014-15 vs 2013-14 Rush Shots and shooting/save percentages

I have mentioned on twitter how I was looking at rush shots as a percentage of overall shots and how teams have fared compared to last season. Here is how the teams have done from an offensive perspective. Team RushShot% For Diff Sh% Diff NY Rangers 7.24% 2.47% Arizona 6.07% 0.92% San Jose 5.89% -0.01% Edmonton 5.64% -1.23% Buffalo 5.02% 2.70% Washington 3.64% 0.65% Anaheim 3.10% -2.09% Calgary 2.83% -0.33%…

December 31, 2014

Why zone starts don’t matter much

I have written a number of posts on zone starts and how they don’t generally have a significant impact on a players overall statistics but I constantly run across people that find that difficult to accept. There are still studies being done looking at how long the impact of a zone start has on outcomes (this was based on some of the work of Tyler Dellow). While these are interesting studies,…

December 13, 2014

Estimating Standard Deviation in On-ice Shooting Percentage Talent

I have tackled the subject of on-ice shooting percentage a number of times here but I think it is a subject that has been under researched in hockey analytics. Historically people have done some split half comparisons found weak correlations and written it off as a significant or useful factor in hockey analytics. While some of the research has merit, a lot of the research deals with too small of…

December 8, 2014

Goals, Corsi, and Weighted Shot Differential

Yesterday ‘Tangotiger’ introduced a new hockey metric that got the hockey twitter world all excited. Go read the articles for the methodology and rational behind the metric but in short he conducted first half season vs second half season regression and discovered that goals and shot attempts that didn’t result in goals should be weighted differently. The final result was that for his weighted shot differential goals should be given…

December 1, 2014