Planning offseason upgrades to

I am in the process of planning off season upgrades to and I am seeking your input as I know a number of you have made suggestions/requests in the past (some of which I haven’t kept track of unfortunately). Here are some of my planned upgrades.

  • Generally I’d like to add more charts and graphs to complement the stat tables that currently dominate the site, especially on the player and team summary pages. If you have any thoughts/examples on how best to visualize the data let me know.
  • I am likely to add new situations such as 4v4, 5v5close home/road splits, all situations, and maybe 5v5 by period. Any others you would like to see?
  • Clean up of the player pages adding charts and graphs and more summary statistics.
  • Addition of team pages.
  • I have some new usage statistics that I want to add such as ratio of ice time leading vs ice time trailing.
  • I may consider removing the HARO/HARD/HART ratings because they take up a lot of space, are time consuming to calculate, and not well used. May replace with something similar if I have some time to do some research. Would anyone object if I removed them completely?
  • WOWY usage statistics would also be cool to do to see if player usage changes with and apart from other players.

My ultimate goal, which will require a fairly significant overhaul of my code and database structure, is to add the ability to calculate statistics, including WOWY’s, for any specified period of time. This is non-trivial and potentially very time consuming though so no guarantees here but this is one of the more common requests that I get.

I may also look into 3-player “with-you” stats as well because I know there is ¬†interest in seeing how a complete forward line performs together, not just pairs of players.

I also have some ideas on some research projects I want to do this summer so everything is time permitting but I really hope to have some nice upgrades for next season. If you have any other suggestions or requests please add them in the comments.



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  1. I actually like the HARO calculations for fantasy hockey. I play in auction style draft, I offer a few extra dollars for players that have a high HARO and a few less for players with a lower HARO. It’s probably the best tool out there to rate a player independent of their line mates. It really paid off this year as I won it all.

    Of course, if there is a replacement, that would be excellent, as well.

    Also, I’d like to see a 5v5 no-empty-net-goals situation.

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