WOWY Analysis of Umberger for Hartnell trade

More often than not the first thing I look at when I want to evaluate a player is their WOWY stats to see if the player boosts the performance of their teammates or suppress it when he is on the ice. Let’s take a look at a WOWY comparision of Umberger and Hartnell starting with some links to their WOWY pages. Hartnell 2013-14 (5v5) Hartnell 2012-13 (5v5) Hartnell 2011-12 (5v5)…

June 23, 2014

5v5close Primary Points per 60 minutes Leaders

My intention is to add primary point totals to sometime this summer but I have calculated them over the past 4 seasons during 5v5close play and thought I’d present a more complete leader board here (I mentioned the top 5 on twitter already). Rank Player Name PPts/60 1 CROSBY, SIDNEY 2.87 2 STAMKOS, STEVEN 2.17 3 MALKIN, EVGENI 2.11 4 TOEWS, JONATHAN 2.04 5 KADRI, NAZEM 1.98 6 SKINNER,…

June 19, 2014

Bryce Salvador and looking beyond corsi

The rumour is out there that Sunny Mehta has been hired as Director of Hockey Analytics of the New Jersey Devils (if true, a big congrats to Sunny). This sparked some twitter discussion about the Devils and analytics and Devils defensemen including Bryce Salvador. @hockeyanalysis @ToddCordell I don’t know a ton about him apart from that he was the whipping boy of smart/analytically inclined NJ fans. — Fear The Fin…

June 12, 2014

Planning offseason upgrades to

I am in the process of planning off season upgrades to and I am seeking your input as I know a number of you have made suggestions/requests in the past (some of which I haven’t kept track of unfortunately). Here are some of my planned upgrades. Generally I’d like to add more charts and graphs to complement the stat tables that currently dominate the site, especially on the player…

June 6, 2014