A look at the top unrestricted free agent wingers

This years free agent class is a relatively thin one, pending compliance buy outs of course, but there are a handful of good players that could be hitting the unrestricted free agent market this summer. Today I’ll take a look at the wingers. In total I identified 15 wingers that I would consider quality NHL regulars. These are in no particular order Nathan Horton, Viktor Stalberg, Ryane Clowe, mason Raymond,…

June 20, 2013

Estimating actual randomness in goal data

If you have been following the discussion between Eric T and I you will know that there has been a rigorous discussion/debate over where hockey analytics is at, where it is going, the benefits of applying “regression to the mean” to shooting percentages when evaluating players. For those who haven’t and want to read the whole debate you can start here, then read this, followed by this and then this….

June 18, 2013

Modern hockey thought and all-encompassing player evaluation metrics

Yesterday it came across my twitter feed a paper about using regularized logistic regression in estimating player contribution in hockey. I skimmed through the article but not enough to fully understand that article but found some of the conclusions at least mildly interesting. This post is neither a post in support or against the paper but rather a rebuttal to a rebuttal from Eric T at NHLNumbers.com. To summarize the…

June 12, 2013

Can Nathan Horton boost line mates shooting %

Nathan Horton has been one of the stars of these NHL playoffs as will be an integral component of the Stanley Cup finals if the Bruins are going to beat the Chicago Blackhawks. Nathan Horton is also set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer so his good playoff performance is good timing. One of the things I have noticed about Horton while looking through the statistics is that…

June 11, 2013