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I am hoping to get playoff stats on but it is going to take some work especially if I am to do game by game and series by series stats including “with you” and “against you” stats. As such I have decided to start a crowd funding project at (because unlike Kickstarter they support Canadians) to help justify the time I will have to put in to getting these stats up in a relatively short time frame. Below is the description of the project and what I hope to achieve and if you are interested in contributing you can do that at the project page at Your contributions are greatly appreciated and I think you will enjoy what I have planned for


Hello. This is David Johnson from and creator of the popular advanced hockey statistics website Much of my work on hockey analytics has been at the macro level, or more specifically evaluating players over 1, 2, or more years. This works great for the regular season and for evaluating a players overall talent level which is where my interest mostly lies but there seems to be a strong demand for more micro level stats such as how players or teams perform in a single game or over a short stretch of games (i.e. after the trade deadline, before and after a coach got replaced, etc.) and this is especially true during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The problem is, much of my existing code base that I use for is designed for macro level stats and to revamp it to calculate stats on a per game or per playoff series basis and make these available on the web will take a significant redesign and rewrite of large portions of the code.

My goal for this project is to make some of those changes so I can get some playoff stats up for those that are interested and down the road make per game and per groups of game data available for regular season data starting next season. Here is what I am hoping to generate for these playoffs:

  • Team stats by series and playoffs overall
  • Player stats by series and playoffs overall
  • Game by game team stats
  • “with you” stats by game, series and playoffs overall so you can see how the team performed with various pairs of players on the ice.
  • “against you” stats by game, series and playoffs so you can see which players were successful at scoring on or shutting down their opponents.
  • For each of the above I will be adding goal, shot, fenwick and corsi data (totals and possibly %’s).
  • Will add zone start data to “with you” and “against you” data as time permits.
  • Will start with just looking at 5v5 situations but will add other situations if time permits.

My intent is to start by adding playoff stats similar to the existing regular season stats and then as development progresses I’ll be adding the other features with hopefully the majority of them being added by the end of round 1 if not sooner.

I am looking for some funding so I can justify the significant time over the next few weeks that it will take to rewrite my code and make game by game playoff stats available. I figure if each of the regulars that use contributes between $10 and $50 (larger donations certainly welcome though) it will be easy to reach my funding goal. Any additional funding beyond my goal will be devoted towards adding similar game by game features to the regular season data for the start of next season.

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