How do high shooting percentage teams perform in playoffs?

With the win over the Ottawa Senators on Saturday night the Leafs have made the playoffs for the first time since the 2003-04 season and they are doing it largely on the backs of an elevated shooting percentage which currently sits at a lofty 10.52% (5v5 only). Here are all the teams with a 5v5 shooting percentage above 9.00% since 2007-08 season and how they have done in the playoffs.

Season Team 5v5 Sh% Playoff Result
2012-13 Maple Leafs 10.52 Made playoffs
2012-13 Stars 10.04 Fighting for playoff spot (10th)
2011-12 Lightning 9.73 Missed Playoffs
2009-10 Capitals 10.39 Lost in first round
2009-10 Canucks 9.14 Lost in second round
2008-09 Penguins 9.76 Won Stanley Cup
2008-09 Canucks 9.23 Lost in second round
2008-09 Bruins 9.15 Lost in second round
2008-09 Thrashers 9.02 Missed Playoffs
2007-08 Senators 9.03 Lost in first round

Prior to this season there have been 8 teams with a shooting percentage above 9.00%, 2 missed the playoffs, 2 lost in the first round, 3 lost in the second round and one team won the Stanley Cup. That isn’t very much success at all which is not a good sign for Leaf fans (myself included) hoping their team can go on a playoff run.


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  1. Is it possible to use seasons before 2008 to increase the sample size? It would be great to at least see 20 samples (30 would be even better).

  2. What about using the team with the highest Shot% for a specific year (combining both even strength and power play)? It doesn’t replace 5v5 Shot%, but it could be assumed that a team with the highest shot% in a given season should have a shot% of 9% or greater.

    By the way, I noticed your stats and behindthenet stats page have different numbers. For example, Anaheim’s 5v5 Shot% is 9.8% on behindthenet, but on your stats page, it is 8.9%. There are other differences that go back to previous seasons. Is there a reason for this?

    1. Yes, you could use straight shooting percentage. Not sure if someone has done that or not. Maybe a google search might come up with something.

      One difference between my data and BTN is I pull out goalie pulled (6on5) situations where BTN includes it. That might make up some or all of the difference, not sure. I haven’t looked much deeper into whether any other differences exist but I know the goalie pulled one is a difference.

  3. That is something that I try to look into this weekend (as far as Shot% goes).

    Does that go for the rest of the stats on your page (SF, SA, GF, GA, Fenwick, PDO, etc.)?

    1. I should have added:

      Does that go for the rest of the stats on your page (SF, SA, GF, GA, Fenwick, PDO, etc.), as far as excluding 6v5 information?

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