More stats added to stats.hockeyanalysis has just gotten even better!┬áSeveral people have asked why I have zone start adjusted stats for team stats and it is a good question. The answer to that is that it was just easier from a programming point of view to have the same ‘situations’ for both the player level and the team level and since I was already calculating, for example, 5v5close zone start adjusted data for players it was east to add 5v5close zone start adjusted data for teams. Since it makes sense to have non-zone start adjusted data for teams it was on my todo list to get it implemented. So, now it is done, and so much more. The situations that you can access data for at both the player and team level are:

  • 5v5
  • 5v5 home
  • 5v5 road
  • 5v5 close
  • 5v5 tied
  • 5v5 leading
  • 5v5 trailing
  • 5v5 up 1 goal
  • 5v5 up 2+ goals
  • 5v5 down 1 goal
  • 5v5 down 2+ goals
  • 5v4 PP
  • 4v5 PK

In addition to all of the above, all of the above are also available in their Zone Adjusted forms except for the 5v4 PP and 4v5 PK situations. In total, there are now 24 different situations you can search for stats on. ┬áHave at it and don’t blame me for any lost weekends (or lost productivity at work).

(As usual, if you find any issues with the new data please let me know. The stats should be correct but while I have done some testing on the new code to display the stats but it isn’t completely tested.)


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  1. Is there any way to make a cookie save the info in the ‘player ratings’ search bars? When the page loads with the tables of info, it defaults back to [this season], 5 on 5, goals, all teams/skaters. It would be really useful if it saved whatever the inputs were when ‘search’ was pressed, to make it easier to make single adjustments.


    1. This and displaying a description of the search results is on my todo list. All the info is in the URL right now so it can be fairly easily done, just need to spend a bit of time coding it.

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