Visual WOWY representation of Jay McClement’s poor possession play

A few people didn’t like that I suggested that Jay McClement was a bad player in yesterday’s Mikhail Grabovski post so I thought I would provide a visual representation of McClement’s  mediocrity in the form of 5v5 Zone Start adjusted CF% WOWY charts for each of the past 6 seasons (this season included).

Let’s start with this current season even though the sample size is relatively small and so the number of line mates with a reasonable number of minutes with McClement is relatively small.


In this chart, it is better for McClement to have the bubbles below and to the right of the diagional line indicating his teammates corsi for % improved when they were on the ice with McClement. As you can see, none did.

So, what about previous seasons?











As you can see, it is a relatively rate event for a teammate to have a better corsi for % when on the ice with McClement than when not. That is not a good thing.

Of 268 forwards with >2500 ZS adjusted 5v5 minutes of ice time over the 5 years from 2007-08 through 2011-12 McClement ranks 247th. He is a dreadful offensive forward ranking 253rd in CF20 and 243rd in GF20 and a mediocre defensive forward ranking 153rd in CA20.

Again, if you want to know why Grabovski’s production and on-ice stats have dropped off this year look no further than Jay McClement.


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  1. Interesting.

    I’m not much of a stats guy, so I won’t test this hypothesis myself, but I suspect McClement is very good at preventing shots against, but weak at generating shots for. He plays against tough competition which may impact his CA20 number.

    It would be interesting to see an analysis of top offensive players’ performance against various different opponents. For example, what is Crosby’s CF20 against McClement? How does that compare to his average? Kind of an inverse WOWY. Maybe this has already been done and I’m just unaware. Just a thought.

    1. Generally yes. He is better at preventing shots against than generating shots for but there is little evidence that he is anything much more than an average player at preventing shots and if you are just an average defensive player and a horrible offensive player, you are probably best suited for a 4th line second PK unit role, not a primary shutdown guy role.

      Luckily I do have ‘against’ data. See for 2007-12 5 year 5v5 data (below the with you data you will see tables for against forwards and defensemen).

  2. David – thanks for responding and thanks for pointing to your wows stats. I agree McClement is better suited to a 4th line, Pk role. Maybe even a 3rd period, protecting a lead role.

    If I’m reading your stats right, it’s showing that other players often have better Corsi numbers when away from Jay. I’m guessing this may be because Jay draws some of the tougher minutes and as we discussed previously doesn’t generate shots for.

    Do you have anything that shows how opposing players fare in CF20 against McClement and other guys primarily thought of as defensive forwards (like say Boland or Suter)?

    1. Ah. I see your spreadsheet actually has exactly what I’m looking for forte 2007 season. If I’m reading it right, guys like Kane and Toews in fact had noticeably lower CF20 against McClement than their averages. I need to take some more time to look at some of the other opponents. Thanks again.

  3. David- your site is amazing. Thank you for putting all of this information together. Fantastic.

    I’m having trouble pulling up McClement’s “against you” stats for opposing players other than defenseman in years subsequent to 2007. Not sure if its a glitch or what.

    Again, thanks.

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