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I have just added individual stats to You can access this data by conducting the normal player search but instead of selecting goals, shots, fenwick or corsi under ‘Ratings Type’ select individual stats. The individual stats included are goals, assists, first assists, points, shots, individual fenwick, individual corsi, the per 60 minutes of ice time rates for each of those stats and shooting percentage.

With this you can now find out things such as the forwards with the highest first assists per 60 minutes of 5v5 ice time over the past 5 seasons.  For the record, the top 10 are Crosby, H. Sedin, Malkin, Ribeiro, Thornton, Savard, D. Sedin, J.P. Dumont, Giroux and Spezza.  Yeah, quite the group of players for J.P. Dumont to be included in.

Individual stats are also included on the individual player pages so you can see how a players stats have changed over the years.

As usual, if you find and problems with the new features (or existing ones) be sure to let me know.

Update: I had a question about what individual fenwick and individual corsi were. Individual fenwick is shots taken + shots taken that missed the net while individual corsi is shots taken + shots taken that missed the net or were blocked.

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  1. Always wanted something like this available. Nice. While some 2nd assists are the real engine behind a goal, and can’t be overlooked, still good to be able to break it down.

  2. A couple of feature requests: Is it possible to get the individual stats without the breakdown on ice situation? I found myself questioning some of the numbers today and I wondered if it was the result of lag in the stats. It’s helpful for determining some other things by subtraction.

    Another thing is that players seem to be removed from the stat pool when traded. For example, Frazer McLaren played a game for the Sharks this year before being put on waivers and getting picked up by the Leafs. Yet, if you look at the
    Sharks stats, he’s not listed.

    One other thing — and this is almost certainly your stat source’s problem, not yours: Matthew Irwin and Matt Irwin on the Sharks are the same player.

    1. Yes, I could in theory give individual stats without the situation breakdown. It isn’t a high priority but I will look to adding that. I am trying not to be more than a couple days behind so the stats should never be that much out of date.

      Players that get traded show up on their new team and their stats get carried over to their new team. My program isn’t designed to keep track of a players stats based on the team they are playing on. I can see the use of that, but it would be a major rework of my code so I don’t expect I’ll implement that any time soon.

      Yes, the NHL changes names of players every now and again and when I see it I fix it. There are probably at least 20-30 such players I have found and fixed already. I’ll be sure to fix Matt and Matthew Irwin for my next update and if you find any more definitely let me know. Thanks.

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