updated with 2013 and team stats

I have updated to include 2012-13 data (even though it is way too early to draw any real conclusions from it) and also to add several new features:

  1. Added team data.
  2. Added QoT and QoC (offense, defense and overall) stats based on Hockey Analysis HARO (offense), HARD (defense) and HART (overall) ratings. These QoT and QoC are essentially the average teammate or opponent HARO, HARD or HART rating.
  3. Changed WOWY pages so that both goal and corsi data are on the same page for easy comparison.
  4. Included individual stats in the WOWY pages so we can see how many goals Perry scored with Getzlaf on the ice with him.
  5. Also included each player in their on “with you” table so we can see that players overall individual stats for easy comparison with how he performed with his line mates (i.e. Perry scored 18 5v5 goals last year, 15 with Getzlaf on ice with him)
  6. The WOWY Against table is now split into two, one for opposition forwards and one for opposition defense and as a result have removed goalies from the list.
  7. I have merged 5v5up1 and 5v5up2+ situations into 5v5leading and 5v5down1 and 5v5down2+ into 5v5trailing. ┬áNeeded to do this to make my program more efficient and I didn’t think the distinction was all that important/useful compared to some of the other stuff.

There may be a few other changes that I don’t recall making but that should be the most important ones. Have a look around and if you see any issues or have any other features you’d like to see be sure to let me know and I’ll see what I can do.