Feb 222012

Looking at this chart, I think only Lightning fans can sympathize with the torture that Leaf fans have suffered through with regards to their goaltending, but at least the Lightning have made the playoffs a few times and even had some success.

Update:  For interest sake, here are the post lockout shooting percentages and PDO (shooting percentage + save percentage).



  2 Responses to “Post Lockout Team Save Percentages”


    Every team is within less than 1.5 points of 100 since the lockout. Strong evidence that anyone will regress to 100 over the longterm.


      I don’t know how you can make the conclusion that any player will regress to 100 because over 6 2/3 seasons 30 teams, many of whom have revamped rosters more than once, vary within 1.5 points of 100.

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