Downie trade good for Stastny/Duchene?

Steve Downie was traded from the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Colorado Avalanche today for Kyle Quincey (who was later shipped to Detroit).  I featured Downie in a post I wrote on the weekend about mixing toughness with skill and how having a big, physical winger can make a skilled center more productive, especially a smaller skilled center.  Downie did this with Stamkos, St. Louis and to a lesser extent with Lecavalier.  The beneficiary of Downie’s toughness in Colorado will be either Paul Stastny or Matt Duchene.

Until last years trade deadline Stastny played with another big, physical winger named Chris Stewart.  To see how Stastny might benefit from Downie it might be prudent to see how Stastny played with and without Stewart.

GF20 With GF20 Without
2010-11 1.158 0.781
2009-10 1.139 0.951
2009-11 (2yr) 1.145 0.854

That is a 34% boost in on-ice offensive production with Stewart than without.  This season Stastny’s on-ice GF20 is a fairly low 0.723 so there is definitely a lot of room to see a significant increase in those numbers.  It’ll be interesting to see how they perform the remainder of the season but if you are in a hockey pool, you may want to take a chance and trade for Stastny or Duchene.