Leafs PK: Who's good, who's not.

Considering the Leafs gave up another power play goal last night at a critical moment in the game (allowed Carolina to tie the game late) I thought I toss out some individual numbers for you to see who we can blame.  Now before we get to the numbers I need to caution you that these numbers are based on extremely small sample sizes so they need to be reviewed in that context.  These are also only 4v5 numbers so no 3v5 or 3v4 situations are included.

The Goalies

Goalie GA SA SV% GAA
SCRIVENS 3 28 89.3% 5.01
GUSTAVSSON 12 69 82.6% 8.55
REIMER 10 44 77.3% 11.49

Scrivens actually put up some pretty good penalty kill numbers.  Reimer and Gustavsson are pretty bad.  Of all NHL goalies with at least 25 minutes of 4v5 PK time Scrivens ranks 24th of 59 in save percentage while Gustavsson is 54th and Reimer 58th.  Only Curtis Sanford is worse.  Interestingly, Jason Labarbera of Phoenix has played 38 minutes of 4v5 PK time and has not given up a goal on 33 shots.  Martin Brodeur is almost as impressive having given up just 2 goals on 58 shots against in 91 minutes of 4v5 time.

The Defensemen

Player Name GA SA SV% GAA FenA20
GARDINER 5 41 87.8% 6.39 23.41
GUNNARSSON 11 68 83.8% 7.38 22.77
PHANEUF 11 65 83.1% 7.56 23.15
KOMISAREK 6 30 80.0% 9.81 25.09
SCHENN 10 50 80.0% 10.77 25.82
LILES 5 21 76.2% 11.97 23.92

Can we put an end to the “Luke Schenn is a much improved defensive player this season” talk?  And to some extent the same for Komisarek too?  At least on the penalty kill they have been bad.  If these limited sample sizes mean anything, we need more Gardiner, Gunnarsson and Phaneuf on the PK and less Komisarek, Schenn and Liles.  What is Liles doing on the PK anyway?

The Forwards

Player Name GA SA SV% GAA FenA20
DUPUIS 8 55 85.5% 6.69 22.05
KULEMIN 4 22 81.8% 7.8 21.42
LOMBARDI 4 26 84.6% 8.31 28.39
CRABB 4 23 82.6% 8.52 24.87
STECKEL 12 58 79.3% 8.61 20.58
CONNOLLY 6 37 83.8% 10.35 29.94
BROWN 6 22 72.7% 14.4 28.78
GRABOVSKI 5 18 72.2% 18.3 28.05

While Dupuis and Kulemin haven’t done much offensively this season they do seem to be the teams best penalty killers.  Steckel hasn’t been too bad either as he has a team low fenwick against per 20 minutes.  The rest, well not so good.  Grabovski?  Giving up goals at a rate of 18.3 goals per 60 minutes?  That’s nearly a goal every 3 minutes of PK time.

Now, as I said before I got into all these numbers, the sample sizes are really small so we can’t really draw and conclusions we can be confident about to a high degree so take them as conclusive evidence of anything, including anything I stated above.


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    1. Actually, no it wasn’t. Greg Millen wouldn’t stop chirping (annoyingly) about how the expected the Hurricanes would pull Cam Ward but they hadn’t yet at the time of the goal.

  1. Adding Quality of Competition would help this, I think.

    QlCmp TOI/60 Player
    0.713 0.05 CODYFRANSON
    0.486 1.68 JAKEGARDINER
    0.273 1.95 LUKESCHENN
    0.177 0.85 JOHN-MICHAELLILES
    -0.204 1.21 KEITHAULIE
    -0.339 3.16 CARLGUNNARSSON
    -0.946 2.97 DIONPHANEUF

    So, Phaneuf and Gunnarson actually play easy PK minutes (odd considering they play the most minutes). Komisarek’s minutes were really tough.

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