The Onus of Blame now falls on Burke's shoulders

So we found out over Christmas that Ron Wilson got his wish and got a new contract.  With that the onus of blame for any failures this Leaf team has now clearly falls on Brian Burke’s shoulders.  Specifically, I am talking about the Leafs horrid penalty kill. Ron Wilson was one of, if not the, top paid coach in the NHL.  He is paid like one of the best coaches…

December 27, 2011

The Leafs Offensively: Who is good and who is not.

This will be the final part of my unplanned 3-part series on who is good and who is not on the current Leafs team.  The first was about the penalty kill and the second was defensively.  Today we look at the players offensively. The Defensemen Player Name GFA FenF20 Ozone% DION PHANEUF 2.4 15.22 60.2% KEITH AULIE 2.25 14.24 61.9% JOHN-MICHAEL LILES 2.79 13.85 46.1% CARL GUNNARSSON 2.1 13.42 56.1%…

December 16, 2011

The Leafs Defensively: Who's good and who's not.

Yesterday I took a look at the Leafs players on the PK to see who has seen good result and who has seen bad results when they have been on the ice.  Today I do the same thing but look at 5v5 situations from the defensive side of things to see if there is any consistency between 5v5 and the PK. The Goalies Player Name GAA SV% JAMES REIMER 1.41…

December 15, 2011

Leafs PK: Who's good, who's not.

Considering the Leafs gave up another power play goal last night at a critical moment in the game (allowed Carolina to tie the game late) I thought I toss out some individual numbers for you to see who we can blame.  Now before we get to the numbers I need to caution you that these numbers are based on extremely small sample sizes so they need to be reviewed in…

December 14, 2011

Leafs Still a Long Way from Being Good.

The Leafs have played 29 games so far this season, or just over one third of their season.  For the most part it has been relatively good start to the season.  Kessel has led the league in goals and points for most of the season, Lupul has been close behind, and the team has generally been fairly comfortably in a playoff spot.  But in reality, the Leafs are a long…

December 10, 2011

Can a Player Influence his Teammates Shooting Percentage?

Gabe Desjardins of Arctic Ice Hockey asks the question about whether a player can influence his teammates shooting percentage.  To answer this question he took a look at the Pittsburgh Penguins shooting percentages with and without Mario Lemieux.  The conclusion: I’d posit that Lemieux’s playmaking contribution is about as large as we’re going to consistently find – something on the order of 7-8% – and we can use it to…

December 9, 2011

Thoughts on New Conference Format

In general, I really like the new conference format.  Well, really, I didn’t like the previous conference format so I am glad that is gone.  First off, let me mention a few things that I don’t like about the current setup. 1.  Reduces chances of rivalries forming/developing.  Essentially under the current system if you make the playoffs you could meet any one of 14 other teams in the first round….

December 6, 2011