Balsillie's quest for the Coyotes…

I have been following many of the people in the Phoenix courtroom tweeting on all of the happenings of the ‘auction’ of the Phoenix Coyotes.  So far there really hasn’t been anything close to resembling an auction.  After initially reaffirming each sides bids, the Balsillie camp, the NHL, and the City of Glendale have been presenting their arguments about everything associated with the case, much of it we have already heard before either publicly or in earlier court filings.  The only new and interesting item is the judges assertions that there is a possibility that no one will win the

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Eklund the Fraud…

I am sure most of you are aware of the rumour monger who goes by the alias ‘Eklund’. I think most of you also realize he is a complete fraud and that most of his rumours are a complete joke. But for those of you who don’t, or even those of you ho do and want another good laugh at Eklunds expense, consider this statement he wrote on his blog today. Some sources are saying that a Kessel trade to the Leafs may be much closer than we think. “Remember that Kessel isn’t signed,” a source said, “So before any

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