Sep 162009

There were some tweets going around this morning regarding the attendance in Phoenix and whether pre-season attendance really matters or is an indication of franchise stability etc. So I figured I would take a look at last nights attendance figures and went to the box scores for the information.

Boston at NY Rangers: 11,111 (a curious number)
Columbus at Pittsburgh: 15,766
Minnesota at St. Louis: 10,582
Edmonton at Calgary: 19,289
Phoenix at Los Angeles: 8,432
Los Angeles at Phoenix: unlisted

Apparently the Los Angeles at Phoenix (split squad game) didn’t list an attendance figure. I found that curious so I went and checked the box scores at Yahoo and ESPN and both listed attendance at 4,643.

So that poses the question, is the NHL embarrassed by the attendance, or relative lack there of, for the Phoenix Coyotes game so much that they would deliberately hide publishing that number on their website? Curious.

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    Yeah I’d say they’re all embarassed. I asked what the attendance was at the game last night on a coyotes message board. Next thing I know they deleted my post and blocked me from the thread LOL


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    Well, for all intensive purpose, the team really doesn’t even exist — has done ZERO marketing in lieu of all the bankruptcy proceedings…

    And again, over the past years, their attendance is no more varied than the bulk of the league’s 30 teams (even in those “hockey” towns)…

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