Eklund the Fraud…

I am sure most of you are aware of the rumour monger who goes by the alias ‘Eklund’. I think most of you also realize he is a complete fraud and that most of his rumours are a complete joke. But for those of you who don’t, or even those of you ho do and want another good laugh at Eklunds expense, consider this statement he wrote on his blog today.

Some sources are saying that a Kessel trade to the Leafs may be much closer than we think. “Remember that Kessel isn’t signed,” a source said, “So before any trade is made, the team acquiring Kessel would have to be given some ability to talk and know what exactly it is that Kessel is looking for in terms of dollars and years.”

Why does that single sentence show what a farce Eklund is? Well, it is quite simple. That ‘source’ of Eklund is indicating that any team trading for him would have to be given the ability to talk to Kessel to essentially negotiate a contract before making a trade for him. Well, for the other 99.999% of us who have a clue about hockey know that Kessel is a free agent and any team is perfectly able to call up his agent and begin negotiating a contract. They don’t need to be ‘given some ability to talk’ to Kessel, they already have that ability. I am sure that Brian Burke has talked to Kessel’s agent and/or Kessel himself and has a very good indication of what it would take to sign Kessel to a contract.

But getting back to Eklund, it seems to me the only way that Eklund’s sources would say something so nonsensical is:

1. Eklund’s source is so uninformed of hockey matters that he does not realize Kessel’s status as a restricted free agent and the rights that gives other teams to talk to them and that Eklund is equally uninformed not to realize what RFA status means himself and thus regurgitated his sources quote thinking it was a valuable piece of information.


2. There really is no source and the ‘quote’ was made up by Eklund who is still apparently uninformed enough not to realize what Kessel’s RFA status means relative to other teams ability to contact him.

Not sure which is worse but neither say much for the rumour monger.

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  1. I just want to make a quick observation here. While I agree with what you have to say, why is it, about this time every year, someone on the blogosphere has to write about that fraud? This makes 4 years in a row now. Everyone is just doing him a service by saying something about him.

    My question is, why even bother to read him anymore…it’s obvious he knows NOTHING about the game of hockey, nor does he have inside sources.

    If you want good rumor mills stick to Spector or The Fourth Period.

  2. I don’t disagree with what you said and if you take note, I have never linked to his site or even mentioned the name of his site. It really is unfortunate that he himself is such a moron because he has some decent writers at his site which I go to read on occasion and ever now and again I’ll check out the fiction he has written.

  3. I think that early on Eklund did have some sources that he tapped and the rumours had some substance. Remember he was on Sportsnet for trade deadline day a few years back – I think that was the zenith for him and his blog quality wise.

    Lately though his source (I believe there was only one) has stopped feeding him quality info and his rumours are stuff that has either been reported everywhere else or are wild stabs in the dark.

    I don’t have the same animosity towards him that others seem to. I do go to his site regularly. I like to read about rumours and speculation – its fun. He takes a lot of abuse in the comments section on his postings so I have to give him some credit for putting up with it.

    But you are right Steve sometimes his statements are a tad bizarre.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong…
    Kessel will only be available for offer sheets come October 1st. Before that time, teams would either have to trade for his negotiating rights or be allowed to do so by the Bruins.

    Teams could not make an offer at this time.

  5. Enid, you’re wrong, so I’m correcting you. *grin* Kessel was available for offer sheets on July 1, like all other RFAs. You may recall that Dustin Penner signed the Oilers’ offer sheet in August two years ago. Same situation applies here.

  6. Eklund is to the NHL what the tabloids are to Hollywood.

    Mere time fillers, nothing else. I laugh at anyone who forked out 20 bones for his inside track.

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