Or maybe we won't…

Yesterday the court, upon request by Jerry Moyes’s legal team, requested that the NHL present to the court all the information it has on the discussions the NHL has had with Jerry Reinsdorf and his interest in purchasing the Phoenix Coyotes. Instead of doing so, this morning the NHL formally objected to that request stating that Jerry Moyes is not in control of the franchise and this is in no position to request that information and the divulging of that information could jeopardize value for the league.

“There is no justification for the efforts of … Moyes to harass the league with such discovery that may prove wholly unnecessary,” said the NHL’s motion. “Premature disclosure of confidential discussions will jeapordize value for the league and all of its member teams, including the Phoenix Coyotes.”

It is an interesting, but I guess not surprising (delay tactics likely), stance to take because supposedly the NHL was en route to discuss with Moyes exactly what the court requested.