Tomorrow we find out how interested Reinsdorf really was

According to CBC, and other sources, the bankruptcy court has, upon request from Jerry Moyes, ordered the NHL to turn over documents related to Reinsdorf’s interest in buying the Phoenix Coyotes. The NHL has claimed that Reinsdorf had shown interest in purchasing the Coyotes but as of yet we really don’t know how serious that interest was. There was talk that Bettman was on his way to meet with Moyes about Reinsdorf’s intent to purchase the franchise while others say that Reinsdorf may have only agreed to look into the idea of purchasing the team when requested by Gary Bettman.

I’ll definitely be interested to know how serious Reinsdorf really is because it could provide some insight as to whether there may at some point be another legitimate offer on the table to keep the team in Phoenix for the bankruptcy judge to consider. I’ll also be interested to know how truthful Bill Daly and others have been because publicly they have stated that the negotiations are very far along. But remember, these two for months also insisted there was never a problem with the Coyotes and that they had not taken over control of the team. Of course, we now know that they are insisting that they took over control of the team in December. The best thing about these court proceedings is that we learn the truth.

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