Late Trades…

I’ll update this with any late trade announcements as they come in.

Florida trades Noah Welch and 3rd round pick for Steve Eminger
Columbus acquired Kevin Lalande from Calgary for a 4th round pick
San Jose sends Kyle MacLaren to Philadelphia for a 6th round pick
Chicago acquired Sammy Pahlsson from Chicago for James Wisniewski
San Jose acquires Travis Moen and Kent Huskins from Anaheim for Nick Bonnino, Tim Pihlmeye and
Conditional Draft Pick
Los Angeles trades Patrick O’Sullivan and the Flames second round pick to Carolina for Justin Williams
Carolina trades Patrick O’Sullivan and Carolina’s second round pick to Edmonton for Erik Cole
Edmonton trades a second round pick to Buffalo for Ales Kotalik
Tampa trades Olaf Kolzig, Jamie Heward, Andy Rogers, 4th round pick for Richard Petiot

The last one is a salary dump for the Lightning which should save the Lightning about $500,000.

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  1. The tyrannical Gerald has decided to delete the comments of all those who challenge his despotic regime and rule of Senator fans and commentors. He has begun with me – but there will be others. Anyone who challenges Bryan Murray’s moves…even those who praise certain moves like acquiring leclaire…will face the wrath of his eraser!

    Less than a week ago, he complimented me for my ability to be objective when I stated the Sens were smart to stay out of the Brian Campbell sweepstakes…and today he has turned completely insane. The ad hominem arguments are expected – we have all grown accustom to them…but to say that nobody agrees with me and they all agree with him…outrageous…I write here in the forum of the very blogger who always agrees with me and constantly criticizes Gerald….in fact, other than Oman (Gerald/Bryan Murray’s alter ego) I see very few who give into Gerald’s oppressive and castrating brand of government control.

    Let us take a poll: who here considers Gerald to generally be wrong and to simply use “Senators patriotism” to gain favour in place of actual arguments?

    Gerald the tyrant must be stopped! Or at least take criticism (from everyone, since most everyone disagrees with his brand of “analysis”) when criticism is warranted instead of hiding within the refuge of his Senators blog where only delusional Senators fans come to champion Gerald because he is nostalgic for the days when the Senators used to dominate the regular season only to be ousted by the Leafs in the playoffs every year.

    Free the true Senators fans! Freedom!

  2. Ted, I have sent Gerald an e-mail about some of his actions. In particular his closing of comments and some personal attacks he made. These are not appropriate in my opinion. But, as far as you are concerned, no one is forcing you to read his stuff either.

  3. Well David…I am a Canucks fan and a hockey fan so i read the posts he makes on the main blog (i.e. this one) and in the Canucks posts that Jason writes…and his personal attacks are all over the place, except all of the ones he deleted from his own blog (along with ALL of my comments/arguments)…

    if he makes an opinion he should be open to criticism…and just because almost nobody agrees with him doesn’t mean he should control the opinions of the population…and, quite frankly, a number of his opinions are simply defending EVERYTHING that the Sens do…is this site about analysing hockey or providing patriotic opinions of one’s home team? Or is it about making ad hominem remarks in the place of actual arguments – you have very clearly disagreed with most of Gerald’s opinions and implicitly agreed with mine (i.e. u wrote an entire post about “top heavy” teams)…

    personally, the ad hominem remarks by themselves don’t bother me – they just illustrate how myopic Gerald actually is…I just don’t appreciate him deleting all of my comments and closing the comment section IN ADDITION to the ad hominem remarks – Gerald is the Sean Avery of this site – I hope u have a rehabilitation program – perhaps therapy is the answer

  4. Ted,
    To be clear, I’ve delated your posts in reponse to your invictive laden, sexually graphic, and extremely insulting post. I have never spoken to you in this manner, and your having chosen to behave in such a deplorable manner is disgusting.

  5. Gerald u begin the ad hominem remarks and what would u like me to do other than show u that i can one up u – please, get off it – u control your blog so u can insult others, provide illogical arguments and not be challenged and u don’t seem to like that others agree with me and nobody with u – do u think i would have resorted to insulting u if u had not chosen to make derogatory remarks once every five posts? Try using the other half of your brain next time

  6. And gerald, to be clear, you also deleted some of your insulting posts to me to try and hide the “deplorable, invictive laden and extremely insulting” language that u used towards me – again, trying to make yourself look good because u control the means of communication – such a tyrant gerald – and u can’t handle the rebellion attack!

  7. No, I deleted my post to attempt to end your absurd obsession with me and my blog. Seriously, just move on, what are you getting from this?

  8. Again Gerald – u start the insults and u start the arguments and then retreat to your blog – of course, u are allowed to insult everything Canuck on Jason’s blog and on other posts – Sundin’s contract is bad, but Alfie’s is good…Burrows’ contract is bad, but resigning Neil for the same money is a must! He is the better player…according to u and nobody else…u do not even allow me to say positive things about the Sens (and there are obviously plenty of positive things)…I can’t comment on Leclaire because u are a tyrant! Nothing Vancouver has does is right (except our position in the standing relative to Ottawa) and u must let everyone know this is true! Gerald u have started everything…the ad hominem remarks, insulting everything that my team does and not even allowing me to criticize your team (even when I mix in compliments) – and now u act as though u have started nothing and still refuse to admit this…go retreat to ur blog and continue deleting posts and blogging the comments of the people!

    Gerald the tyrant!

  9. Ted, here is the thing, I don’t insult the Canucks, I comment.
    I don’t mind you commenting on my blogs. I do not however enjoy personal insults, which, as can be seen on this thread, you employ continuously.
    I also do not enjoy circular arguments that are rooted in opinion, that is why, as I’ve said, I sometimes close comments.
    I honestly cannot fathom why a person would choose to go out of their way to initiate some sort of virtual vandetta, or, as you strangely put it, revolution.
    I blog on the Senators, I’m not a paid member of the media, I’m a fan, not unlike Jason of the Canucks blog, or Steve of the Leafs blog, etc. We all post from a fans perspective, but also attempt to rationalize our views with facts.
    If my blogs, comments, or arguments offend, or upset you, I would suggest ignoring them, vs engaging in personal attacks, and virtual revolutions.
    This is not something to get so worked up about, and many of my blog viewers have asked that you be banned, as they find your commentary insulting, and off putting.

  10. Again, Gerald – u started the insulting/personal attacks and u have done it far more than I have – are u denying this? I have let some of your insults go and at other times i have insulted u back – i do not deny this – there is a reason u received an email from David…think about i…perhaps discuss it in rehabilitation which is what i recommend for someone with your disposition…again, i did not start this and u are well aware of this…and if u are not, it helps to explain ur pathology

  11. Gerald
    the fact you wrote the one article about alfredsson being the greatest captain is the prime example of your character on this site.
    I’ve never seen you agree with anything a non ottawa fan has posted. Then knowing that any fan in hockey aswell as any paid media person would disagree with the post you made so u make it a non posting article. Now i gotta ask you whats the point in write an blog like that, clearly it’s designed to grab the attention of the ted bama’s of the world and rub salt in an open cut

    First time I posted a disagreeing comment how did you react to me by insulting my grammer and spelling mistake. Now that seems like a personal attack and quite frankly extremely rude on your behalf. Especially since you are representing this website. I never personally attacked you to warrent such a remark I only debated your personal opinion which is what comments are all about. Not to mention does such a problem really make an argument any less warrented then the next poster no it doens’t.

    I’m just a hockey fan like anyone else who attempts to be fair to all 30 team’s moves and try not to be biast toward my home team. I’ve been involved in hockey my whole life from playing to watching. I constantly look at prospects to stats to anything else that a die hard fan would know yet to gerald all this means nothing to him cause he treats my opinion like it’s coming from someone who doens’t know what icing means.

    So gerald look in the mirror cause if you cannot look at an nhl franchise and understand the reality that they are in, you need to strong consider why your sharing your opinion with strangers when u don’t want or can’t handle what they have to say.

  12. Mark
    It was an opinion piece, that, considerig the view, could quickly turn into a flame war, I avoided it by closing comments.
    It is a Sens blog, and if you dislike it, ignore it.
    I have absolutely no problem with you consdering my blog biased, you’re entitled to your opinion.
    I do not believe my blog is biased, and in fact, I feel it to be well balanced, and I have no intention of purposely taking on a negatively biased slant simply to entertain those with said perspectives.

  13. Prime Minister Gerald…the fact that u delete all of my comments (as well as your disparaging comments towards me) in your blog make it biased. Period. And u spread your scathing tongue all over this website, not just within the confines of your blog. You need some lesson in manners buddy. I suggest that be number 2 on your list after the psychological assessment. So let’s see, David, Mark and I all consider u to be rude and u consider yourself to be opinionated…hmmm…

  14. Ted, in case you haven’t noticed, this is a hockey web site…right?
    Psychological advice, personal insults, and, visiting my blog over 90 times in the last 3 days alone…yeah, you might want to find a little perspective before worrying about me, but thanks all the same.

  15. Ok guys, I am calling a truce. The previous few comments from Gerald and Ted were not constructive in any way. We all need to be more respectful and more open to each others opinions. You may think the other guys is a nut case, but if you can’t respectfully or thoughtfully disagree you need to learn to learn to ignore the other guy.

    And a word of advice for everyone. It is fine to be opinionated, that is what makes discussions interesting. But if you are going to be opinionated, it is not fine to be closed minded. If you are going to be opinionated, be able to respectfully debate and defend your opinions, be willing to listen to other peoples opinions and most importantly, be open to changing your opinions if you learn something knew from the discussion.

    The above is why I begun this website. I wanted to extend the depth of hockey discussion that occurs on many other hockey websites and forums as well as what we often see in the media. The goal was to better understand the game of hockey and hockey related issues by putting aside biases, popular beliefs and common perceptions, which are not always true and really having a discussion of the issues. We all have biases, but if we are open to listening to others, we can dig down past those biases to get closer to the truth. Please, participate in this endeavor or take your antics elsewhere. Trust me, there are lots of places on the internet to toss around personal insults and mingle with closed minded people. Lets not do that here.

  16. Well it seems as though gerald has retreated…and since I was only rude to him in order to defend myself, u will have no problem with me…i agree, let this site be opinionated but not close-minded or insulting…

  17. All I have to say is wow… It has been fascinating watching this little psycho drama unfold. Good luck to Gerald and Ted. Hopefully someday they’ll learn to overcome their differences and be friends. I’m just thankful there are other hockey blogs out there that are managed more effectively.

  18. For the record, Ted, I’d like to let you know that Gerald deleted each and every one of my comments on his blog, simply because the didn’t agree with what he said. There was no profanity, no explicit material, absolutely nothing but a differing opinion, and the result, he deleted them so that no one could see the other side of the argument.
    The worst example of this was when I corrected a stat he had in his blog. He made up some ridiculous stat about a Sens player (I think it was Kuba) that was completely incorrect. All I did was post the correct stat that showed the player to not be as impressive as he claimed, and the correct stat was never seen due to Gerald not allowing the comment.

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