Kuba signed, Vermette traded

Another defenseman has dropped off the trade market as the Ottawa Senators have supposedly signed Filip Kuba to a 3 year, $3.7 million per year contract.  I can’t say that this is a bad deal, but if I was a Senators fan I would really question whether it is intelligent to lock up more players on a team that has been one of the worst teams in the NHL for nearly two full years now.

Also just in, the Senators have traded Antoine Vermette to Columbus for Pascal Leclaire and a second round pick.  This trade makes more sense because the Senators so desperately need a top goalie, but the jury is still out whether Leclaire can be that guy.  He had a very good year last year but has been mediocre otherwise and has been injured most of this season.  This is a gamble that the Senators probably need to make, but is far from a sure thing.  The second round pick makes the gamble worth while.

The bad news for the Senators is they now have 9 players signed through 2010-11 for about $38.6 million in cap space.  If, as some expect, the salary cap drops significantly (possibly beloe $50 million) that won’t leave much cap space left to fill out a roster that still lacks a second line center and a top defenseman.  The players signed are Alfredsson, Heatley, Spezza, Fisher, Kelly, Ruuttu, Kuba, Phillips and Leclaire.

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  1. correction: 9 players and counting…

    let us hope, for the hope of the senators, that they lock up chris neil for 2-2.5 million and then it will be 42 million on 10 players…on a terrible team…though leclaire potentially could be a nige upgrade…or he could be nothing

  2. If the salary cap drops below $50 million, then many teams are screwed in 2010-2011, not just the Sens: Pens, Caps, Bolts, Rangers (so screwed), Wings, Hawks come to mind.

    But the Leafs are sitting pretty eh? <- this is a joke.

    I don’t like the Kuba deal, but I do like that he’s willing to waive the NTC. If he has a strong finish to the season, I wouldn’t rule out a trade near the draft.

  3. Hmmm..Sens “problem” is they have players to choose from vs Leafs, who have no players, just cap space, yeah, what a “problem” to have, because we all know it’s so easy to just pick up quality players, but moving elite players is near impossible, lol.
    Quality players under contract are assets, cap space is just ifs and buts.

  4. Gerald u just got ur positive post on the Sens – i think the leclaire move is excellent – i see u closed comments on the previous post so u can make ur rant – yes, everyone is making fun of me – u seem to be the only one – all u do is make derogatory comments…

    hmm, bandwagon fan? uh, no – in fact, i agree with many of your assesments of the canucks the last 10 years – they have been a middling organization – although, in the playoffs, so have the sens other than one conference final and one final…certainly not what the most talented team in the nhl (yes, and they were for years) should be doing – so i agree with ur compliments of the sens the last however many years AND your criticism of the canucks in the past – though not in the present – and if the canucks go to a conference final or a final, r u going to say u were wrong? I highly doubt it…

    hmmm, pierre mcguire, bob mackenzie, steve kouleus (who u have said in the past u repsect) all love the burrows signing and both tsn and the score say that burrows is, without question, worth more than neil and that neil will not get 2.5 mill in this marketplace, not when guys like burrows are only getting 2 mill – they have basically placed him in the 1.5 mill-1.75 mill boat – u may not agree with their opinions, but they at least deserve some credibility…u simply write on a blog, much like i do…which is why u dont like my opinion…

    ive deleted the expletives gerald…perhaps this will meet ur high standards

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