Avery Antics and Fallout

There’s been a lot of talk about Sean Avery‘s recent comments and its suspension but I think there’s still some issues to discuss. There’s been some talk about the league’s motivations behind the suspension, considering that a hit from behind to the head these days gets you only 3 games. Here are some things to take into consideration as well.

1 – Avery’s smart. He knows what he has to do to drum up some excitement. A while ago he made a comment about how villains and heroes sell and he has no problem playing the villain. He relishes that role. A part of me actually thinks that he’s trying to leave a legacy the size of his ego – after all, there is already a “Sean Avery” rule. While his comment was a generalization, there’s no mistaking that it was directed at Dion Phaneuf and Elisha Cuthbert. The only thing that’s a little confusing is that he’s trying to build excitement for a game against the Flames in Calgary. To my knowledge, nobody ever needs to build up excitement for a hockey game in Canada. It’s built-in. If the game had been in Dallas, it might’ve been a little different.

2 – I didn’t find his comments that crude. It’s an off-hand comment that guys often say to each other to get the blood boiling. There have been a lot worse things said on the ice, and the line between trash talk and personal attacks is pretty fine. Denis Gauthier and Georges Laraque have both claimed to be victims of racial slurs. However, the fact that he choose to premeditate his comments and say it off ice in front of cameras was what got him into trouble. Had he said the same comments on the ice, there wouldn’t have been any ramifications at all.

3 – I think an often overlooked aspect in a physical game like this is escalation. It’s going to sound a little crazy, but what if the league wanted to protect Avery? Phaneuf and Jarome Iginla chose to ignore his comments, but you have to remember that, as non-factor as it was, Todd Bertuzzi is on the same team. Avery was asking the Flames to feed him his lunch, there’s no question about that. There’s a general bounty on all pests in the league, and perhaps none may be bigger than Jarkko Ruutu‘s, but only because Avery can still be an effective hockey player without his big mouth. What if Paul Mara had gone completely nuts and decided to pummel Ruutu whether he wanted to or not in that Rangers-Senators game? Had something happened to Avery, there would’ve been talk about the league’s clear disregard for player safety.

4 – The NHL is suspending Avery on the basis that his comments were detrimental to the league and game. What if he had just said, “Phaneuf should stop falling in love with my sloppy seconds”? Would that have made a difference? That in itself is a personal attack, albeit public, but at least Avery didn’t mention “NHL,” or “league,” or “other players.” I think that if he had chosen his comments a little more wisely, after all, he is often under the league microscope, he wouldn’t have been suspended. The comparisons to the other leagues about trash talk are baseless because of each sport’s unique culture. The cross-references to the NBA or NFL or MLB are all moot points. However, how many games Avery gets suspended for will raise further questions of disciplinary action and set a precedent for comments like these.

5 – The Stars have pretty much banished Avery. There’s no way Avery would want to come back to a team that has left him out to dry. It’s hard to stick up for a guy that is supposedly a cancer in the locker room, but he is their teammate. The fact that a traditionally close-knit team like the Stars have refused to stick up for a teammate tells us how dysfunctional that locker room really is. The Stars can’t buy out Avery until June and there won’t be many takers for Avery. The best solution for the Stars is to send him to the minor leagues and let his play do the talking before he gets another chance in the league. Brett Hull needs to find a way to offset his mistake.

Anyway, this topic has been beaten to death, and it’s time to move on. For the Stars, it’s time to right the ship. If they can’t put together a string of good games, changes are in the making. It may be time for the Stars to look outside of their organization for help.

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  1. The categorization of the Stars as a team that won’t stick up for a teammate and having a dysfunctional locker room may be misleading. I don’t think any of them wanted him as a teammate to begin with, and they’ve all kept their mouths shut completely until now. They see an opportunity to get rid of the guy and I can’t say I blame them.

    There really isn’t much ‘sticking up for’ that can be done for the Stars right now. They are truly lousy, but I wouldn’t question the character of their locker room because of this. Just my 2 cents.

    I’m not sure anything can save Brett Hull from Tom Hicks now. He basically wasted 15 million of the mans money on this piece of garbage.

  2. Perhaps the individual character of each player is still intact, but there’s no denying that the Stars locker room has clearly been dysfunctional since Avery signed the contract.

    It’s going to see how the Stars do in the next 4 games without Avery. If they win 3 of those 4 it’s certain that Avery won’t be back in Dallas. There’s still no knowing what Bettman and the Stars will do, but if the Stars move to terminate Avery’s contract it sets a precedent for other teams to get rid of their mistakes. If the league allows Avery’s contract to be nullified, then the Sens would be kicking themselves for not doing the same with Emery.

  3. The NHLPA is going to make sure he gets his money either way.

    The real question is if Brett Hull is going to try to force the rest of the team to interact with Avery again. Hullie seems hell bent to defend this cretin.

  4. I believe that it’s a great situation for the stars; they finally get an opportunity to get rid of that “cancer”. He is a versatile player but with all the negative energy around this guy, I doubt he will be missed by anybody.

    Will anybody want him? I doubt it, but with some of the struggling teams, I think he might have a shot at it…again. If the Stars really do cut all ties and send him back to the minors I think his career is pretty much over.

    This will serve, as an example to others with attitudes, after all, there is a saying;
    “Loose lips sink ships” ,his own in this case.

  5. It goes without saying that this is ruining Avery’s career. I think the best option for him is to go to Europe and prove that he can play hockey again without the sideshow antics. He needs to prove himself as a hockey player before any team takes a chance on him.

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