Murky Waters

With a still ongoing investigation, it’s been reported that Alexei Cherepanov, the Rangers prospect who died tragically in October, was apparently blood doping which may have caused his death. Blood doping refers to a practise which involves boosting the number of red blood cells. Oxygen is carried in red blood cells, and increasing the number improves athletic performance, specifically, aerobic capacity. Blood doping has become increasingly more common as sports…

December 29, 2008

More troubling signs for NHL?

Mark Spector of is reporting that there could be an increase in the percentage of the players salaries that are kept in escrow. The players have always paid money into the escrow account which is set up to ensure the owners don’t pay the players more than the percentage of revenues the players are set to receive as determined by the CBA. This season the NHL and NHLPA initially…

December 16, 2008

Rumours Update

Ilya Kovalchuk has been the subject of rumours for the most part of the summer, reportedly unhappy with the direction the team is going. With no bright future in sight, and with free agency looming in 2010, odds are that Kovalchuk will be leaving Atlanta soon. Rumours have somewhat quieted down, but it seems like two teams in particular, Ottawa and Edmonton, are making a strong push. Ottawa has made…

December 14, 2008

Diary of a Rumour Monger

There is a good chance that Mats Sundin will make an announcement on his future within the next week or so so lets check out some earlier chatter from the internets most notorious (and hugely inaccurate) rumour monger Eklund. May 25: I am told very clearly that Mats looks like he wants to play again. And he should. He looked very good last year and the heart he showed down…

December 8, 2008

Avery Antics and Fallout

There’s been a lot of talk about Sean Avery‘s recent comments and its suspension but I think there’s still some issues to discuss. There’s been some talk about the league’s motivations behind the suspension, considering that a hit from behind to the head these days gets you only 3 games. Here are some things to take into consideration as well. 1 – Avery’s smart. He knows what he has to…

December 4, 2008

Avery, Laviolette, Maurice, Toskala, Flames Blogger and more…

Just wanted to make a few comments on several recent happenings in the NHL and here at Sean Avery: It is time that someone really put this guy in his place and I think it is really going to happen. Everyone is getting tired of his act and most importantly his teammates and his teams owner is getting tired of his act. His main ally within the Stars organization…

December 3, 2008