Nov 282008

Just want to let everyone know that I will be doing a radio segment on The Bill Watters Show today at 5:10 eastern on AM640 in Toronto, Home of the Leafs, to discuss and maybe some other hockey related stuff. Bill Watters is off on vacation this week so I will be chatting with guest host Bill Hayes, who apparently is a fan of the site. For those in Toronto you can tune in at AM 640, those elsewhere should be able to get a live feed at

Update: You can hear the AM640 interview here.

  4 Responses to “Toronto Radio Interview”


    Is this your first interview with him? Have you done radio before?

    Exciting stuff!


    The only other radio interview I have done was on WCCO radio in Minnesota a year ago in July. You can listen to it at This was before I expanded and brought in other bloggers.


    Oops got busy and missed it. Did you get a copy of it?


    That was a great interview David, hopefully that’ll put this site more “out there.”

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