Lightning Strikes Melrose

The Lightning are seemingly trying their best to become the laughing stock of the NHL taking the crown away from the New York “lets promote our backup goalie to General Manager” Islanders. Just 16 games into the season the Lightning have fired head coach Barry Melrose. This comes just a couple days after Melrose skipped out on practice and rumours of part owner Len Barrie stepping into the dressing room to draw up power play tactics earlier in the season.

It is becoming apparent that the Lightning’s new ownerships management style is better known as a revolving door. Matt Carle was acquired from the Sharks in the off season and has been traded. Barry Melrose was hired in the off season and has been fired. Rumours are off season free agent Radim Vrbata is on the trading block.

And maybe the icing on the laughing stock cake are the rumours that the current ownership group may be having a cash flow problem and may not be able to make payments to previous owner Bill Davidson and if they can’t Bill Davidson may once again take control of the team again. I have no idea if this is true or not but from revolving players to revolving coaches, why not revolving owners. Maybe then Jay Feaster and John Tortorella can be brought back. At least Tortorella was mildly entertaining with his vocal criticisms of his players, particularly goalies.

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  1. I don’t think this came as a surprise. Koules and Barrie were bad for the league since day one and they’ll continue drive the Lightning into the ground.

  2. Unfortunately the commissioner has an ‘Anyone but Balsille’ attitude so instead of getting a good quality owner you get stuck with only people who will suck up to Bettman.

  3. My bet is Vrbata is already gone. To New York. While at Olive Garden today Vinny Prospal was on the phone with someone talking about the Rangers. Since he was in a good mood it was safe to surmise wasn’t him, St. Louis or the other Vinny moving. Probably Vrbata and probably for a draft pick/minor league player or both. If I’m right, you heard it here first.

  4. thanks stephen, good to hear the other vinnys not being traed with with no trade clause and all right? and im pretty sure no one in the league would trade for vrbata right now

  5. Ok, ok, I’ll make a serious post in a minute, but I fully expected Melrose to fail as Bolts coach, and he did


    idiotic ownership

  6. Now, being serious, I’m not happy about this at all. The hiring was bad to begin with, and pretty much anyone is a candidate to be traded. I was excited when the new ownership came in… not so much

    I’m considering turning my attention full-time to Dallas and Edmonton now. This ownership is never going to give the Bolts a chance to win. They’re horrible

  7. It’s a classic knee jerk reaction of a brand new clueless ownership.

    I give the Lightning until the summer (I’m being generous) before they start finding Tocchet’s replacement.

    Dan Boyle must be laughing himself silly right now, and I wonder if Lecavalier regrets not testing the free agent waters.

  8. Dan Boyle is thrilled out of his mind right now. Instead of playing on a crappy team with unstable ownership, he’s on arguably the best team in the league

    When does Stamkos go on the block? I mean, only 4 points in 16 games? That type of production should get you traded for 50 cents on the dollar with the current ownership

  9. All I can say is…it couldn’t have happened to a better person than Melrose. The only bad thing is now the moron will probably be back on my TV screen spouting idiotic drivel. (Can you tell I don’t like Barry too much?)

    Does anyone think this ship can be righted this season? There’s some talent on that team, that’s for sure.

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