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Marian Gaborik‘s name will be a fixture in the rumour mill from now on, and I can safely say that at least 10 teams are seriously interested in his services. The sniper has recently rejected a multi-year contract (6+ years) at around $8m/season (although the folks at Hockey Central don’t believe this rumour). The Gaborik camp is reportedly looking for a contract that will pay him $10m/season, or somewhere close to that neighbourhood. Doug Risebrough isn’t a man who just throws money around – he did lose Pavol Demitra and Brian Rolston this summer after all – but if there’s any player he should throw money at, it’s at Gaborik. The franchise player is the key to the Wild’s offense, but growing frustration with management and coaching strategies means that Gaborik may bolt at the first sign. I don’t think the Wild will deal him anytime soon, hoping that a good season may help Gaborik change his mind. I think the earliest Gaborik will be moving is at the deadline.

Brendan Shanahan continues to work out at the Rangers’ facilities, but the Rangers are currently on a tear and is not too keen on moving bodies right now to accomodate him. Shanahan has voiced a strong preference to re-sign with the Rangers, and reportedly has had other offers from around the league and KHL but he doesn’t seem too interested. It’ll be awhile before anything new pops up, but as of now Shanahan has a better chance of returning to the NHL than Mats Sundin.

– I wrote earlier this year about the Bolts’ inexperienced and below average blueline. It looks like they’ve finally caught on and Marek Malik, a former Ranger, is expected to practise with the Lightning on a tryout basis. Rumour is that there is a 1-year, $1m contract on the table, but nothing is for sure. If signed, Malik will bring experience, stability, and leadership to the squad, all three of which are unsurprisingly lacking on the Bolts’ blue line.

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