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The topic has been beaten to death, but more articles have appeared about the NHL’s potential expansion to Europe. John Vogl at The Buffalo News believes that it’s a bad way to market hockey. Vogl argues that there are still hockey markets suffering in the US and that playing games in Europe doesn’t do anything to help.

Bettman, however, thinks its a great idea.

“Now we have an opportunity to go to more well-developed hockey markets where a number of our players actually come from. We are getting, from the early indications, a fabulous reception.”

I agree with Vogl that playing NHL games in Europe doesn’t do anything to help the American market. While last year’s Cup finals did generate the best viewership numbers in years, the failing American teams are still failing. Most of the teams in the southern belt still struggle to sell-out home games regularly.

The ONLY thing that playing games in Europe accomplishes is re-affirm the fact that Europe is hockey-mad.

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